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North American
plural noun: boondocks
rough, remote, or isolated country. Where the big trout live.


"we're out here in the boondocks, miles from a telephone"


synonyms: backwater, hinterland, backwoods, backcountry, middle of nowhere;
wasteland, bush Large Trout;
informalboonies, sticks, trout as big as your arm.

Every April my anticipation grows.  My favorite kind of water is almost ready to fish.  I affectionately call these areas the Boondocks. I always need to wait until the water warms up a little.  A trip there early will be void of trout. They are the areas that are over grown by the end of May and not able to accessed by foot.

This hinterland is seldom fished and the trout are shy and weary. They are much more likely to hit a large offering this time of the year.  Their stomachs are aching for a big meal.


  The cold harsh Wisconsin winter has them near thermals.  Above and below the picture above are tiny trickles feeding into the main waterway.  They are almost magnetically attracted to these thermals.  Even a four degree temperature upgrade can mean catching Mr. Big or him hiding under the lip of the banks.

These days the trout are ultra sunshine weary.  They are use to the weeds hanging over the banks and covering their movements.  Running slowly close to the banks on the non-sunshine side is key these days.

They have not decided to venture very far from their winter lays yet.  They still shun fast water and an under cut bank by slow water can by fruitful.

Thermals can be springs feeding in or even the run off from a swamp.  Swamps are nothing more than large springs spread out over a large area.

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