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Attention jerkey LOVERS!!

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I just thought Id let  all of you  jerkey lovers, that this past weekend ibrought an individual some of my venison back strap jerkey, boar style. after some hate posts from said indivdual, he ate some of the jerkey and a little bit of crow at the same time. aint that right SMURFY.??? HE ALSO SAID THAT HE'LL NEVER ADMIT IT. aint that right SMURFY!! But i shall qoute you from the mouth of Smurf hinself, "Man thats good, wholey smokes, thats awsome stuff, its very good." soooooo althou i know he realizes that backstraps is of course gona make good in any which way, he also stated that "I see why you use the back strap"  so there you have it. Back strap jerkey. Its not just for steaks anymore.

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I have no idea what your talking about.:/;) i do know this though, I have been fishing since the cow jumped over the moon and never checked by a warden. I go fishing with Boar and get checked 2 days in a row. A coincidence?? Hmmmm.

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1 hour ago, Boar said:

I have no idea what your talking about:/;)


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its my story still, and I be stickin to it.......venny backstrap meat is still a waste for jerky!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

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11 hours ago, smurfy said:

 I have been fishing since the cow jumped over the moon and never checked by a warden. I go fishing with Boar and get checked 2 days in a row. A coincidence?? Hmmmm.

I figured that's what the snowmobile was that pulled up to your guy's house Saturday night. They never checked me, I wonder if boar was part of a sting operation?? :D

I also have to say that jerky was delicious, boar was gracious enough to send some home with us, and it didn't last long. Much better than the marshmallow vodka he was passing around!

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