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Pro Bowl Teddy!!!!!

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Teddy definitely is not a Pro Bowler. When I first seen the article headline I thought it was a joke.

The other guys on the team deserve it though. Still hoping to see Linvals name pop up.

I agree it's all a joke anyway though. The players might like the recognition and a chance to take a vacation and hang out with each other but the game itself means nothing.

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58 minutes ago, Duffman said:

Are you saying the most accurate quarterback in the league this year shouldn't be going?


Am I looking at this wrong? Doesn't this list say that Theodore is ranked 9th in completion percentage? With a QB rating that ranks 22nd? Am I missing something?

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Accuracy % and completion % are factored differently.

Here you go Big Dave, this article sums up Teddy and the Vikes offense pretty well.

This one explains how they come up with the numbers.


I know peeps will rip into how it's calculated because it's Teddy but they thought it was gold when it was Rodgers on top.

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PFF's unique accuracy percentage is different than traditional completion percentage. It counts dropped passes as accurate attempts and excludes throwaways, spikes, passes batted at the line and released while being hit. As a result, accuracy percentage is typically much higher than completion percentage.

OMG, is this from the Onion?

You can't be serious, right? excluding throwaways and passes batted down at the line? Maybe a better QB doesn't have to throw the ball away so much? Maybe a better QB finds throwing lanes and doesn't have the ball batted down as many times. 

It's pretty bad when you have to invent new statistics to make your guy look better. What about QB rating? I thought that was the one everyone wanted to measure QBs by? Theodore is 22nd in that one. 


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The pro bowl is a joke and always was.  The only reason they keep it is because people actually watch it for some reason, thus it's revenue for the NFL.  I have never watched it.  At that stage i'm more interested in the coming draft and free agents and the next season with Dave and Lmit bashing Teddy and the VIkings show :lol:  good luck.

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I've read some of those articles stating Teddy is the most accurate passer.  I honestly don't think it means much other than gives the stat guys something to do. If you eliminate certain negative things (throw aways and batted passes) you might get a more favorable stat but in reality you can't dismiss those two things.  During a game they count and impact the game so they should be factored in.

Teddy has a low release point which likely creates some of his batted passes so removing that stat is removing one of his weaknesses. Same thing for some of this throw aways, he tends to hold the ball too long forcing him to throw it away. Those weakness should be factored in when evaluating a QB.  

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Sam Bradford Puts Teddy Bridgewater On the Trade Block


For a moment in time it looked like the Minnesota Vikings might have a quarterback controversy developing on their roster.

Sam Bradford finished 2016 strong, completing over 70% of his passes. This was made interesting by the accelerated return of Teddy Bridgewater from his catastrophic knee injury last year. Rumors persist he’s regaining his old form in practice. It remained to be seen whether Bradford might open the door for him to get the starting job back. On Monday night against the Saints, it feels like that door shut.

Granted New Orleans isn’t exactly the greatest measuring stick given their history of putrid defensive play. Nonetheless Bradford has picked up right where he left off. Barring a huge meltdown in the coming weeks, it looks like that job belongs to him. Permanently. Thus the Vikings are faced with a curious decision. What do they do about Bridgewater?


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Sam Bradford is on fire tonight. So far he's 24-for-29 with three TD passes. #OUDNA #Sooners



He is now in the final year of his rookie contract. The knee injury prevented them from exercising his 5th year option so they could control him for anther. This put Minnesota in a tricky spot. Do they try to hang onto him with the franchise tag? Do they let him walk as a free agent or do they try to trade him? That last part sounds like something Rick Spielman would definitely try to explore.

Bridgewater is still young and there’s no reason to think he can’t be effective provided that knee is close to 100%. One would think there’s a team in the league that would be willing to chance it, provided the price is reasonable. Given how desperate teams are for quarterbacks these days, there’s no reason to think the Vikings can’t get a decent pick back for him prior to the trade deadline this November.

Keep it in mind, especially if Bradford continues to play well.

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Really no easy or obvious decision here.  Bradford played well last season for the most part and he had 1 good game to start this season but he's also entering the 2nd half of his career.  Do you invest in him and hope to get 5-6 more years out of him assuming he can play well until 34-35 years old?  Or do you let him walk and go with the younger QB that can hopefully come back from injury and be around for the next 10+ years?

The trouble with Teddy is that he's such an unknown right now.  Its not like he was a complete stud before the injury.  He showed some talent but still needed to take a few more steps to be considered a franchise QB.  Add in the fact that you really don't know how he'll come back from the injury he's a huge question mark.  I'm not sure what teams would be willing to give up in a trade for him.   He may come back and pick up right where he left off and progress into a franchise player, he may recover just enough to get back on the field but never progress and then live out his career as an average at best QB, or he may never play again.   Maybe you'd get a mid round pick for him only because there are a few desperate teams that might be willing to make a foolish gamble.   I could also see teams not wanting to go anywhere near that risk.




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It's easy.

Sam is a superior QB and you do what you need to to keep him and you trade Teddy hoping you can get back the 1st you sent to Philly to get Sam. 

QBs today are playing till they are near 40 or so so in reality we could have Sam for a decade yet.

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Some Qb's play until they are 40, not all of them and how many of them are running around and playing at a high level on 2 surgically repaired ACLs at 40?

You really think a team will give up a 1st round pick for an unproven QB coming off a catastrophic knee injury?  I'm unaware of any player or QB coming back from an injury like Teddy's, its far worse than a torn ACL.  The only teams desperate enough to giveaway a first round pick for a high risk player like that are going to be horrible/desperate teams which are likely going to be drafting very high in the first round, odds are they'd rather use that pick to draft a younger player, that they'll have control of for 4-5 years at a relatively low price, and who isn't trying to come back from a possible career ending injury.   If you can con a team out of a first round pick under those circumstance then of course there is no question, you trade Teddy in a heartbeat and then you give Spielman a lifetime contract.

I'm guessing a trade for Teddy is going to involve something more like a late round draft pick considering the high risk and the fact that the Vikings have no leverage. The only way I see the offer going higher is if you can somehow find 2 desperate teams competing to see who can make the dumber trade offer.

That brings up the question.  Is it better to keep Teddy around as a backup (assuming he's willing to sign) and insurance against another Bradford ACL injury and hopeful future replacement to Bradford, or would you rather have that 5th round pick you might get from Teddy and hope Bradford can hold up for 5-10 more years? Keeping in mind Bradford has only been slightly above average during his career.  I'm still not sold that he's going to be the player we saw on Monday over the long haul.



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Teddy won't be traded this year, teams will need to see him play to get value for him. His contract will toll, so we have him next year for cheap. Given that the Vikings haven't had a QB start 2 full seasons in a row in over 20 years, the likelihood Teddy plays for us again (should he be cleared to play) is going to be pretty high.

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