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sub floor help

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My husband and I bought A double wide mobile home in 2006. Recently he has been very ill and passed away in November. During his illness he he would constantly spell things on the floor. I noticed some squishing feeling in his bedroom. I tore up the carpeting and discovered that the subfloor seems to be made out of MDF and has cracked where it got wet. Other than ripping up all the flooring and putting down plywood is there an alternative to waterproofing the subfloor so it won't happen again. I am going to have to selll this house this summer and would like to be assured that the floor will be safe.


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That area can be patched with plywood or OSB by anyone competent. Do NOT use MDF for the repair, and make sure the plywood runs joist to joist. (Middle of joist, butting to MDF on joist) Also use screws instead of nails on the new area, as there may be some difference of movement between the two. If you feel you need something in that area, some roofing paper or underlayment would be suitable, but in my opinion, not necessary. Good luck to you, and I am sorry for your loss. 

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I am going to tear up all the carpet, assess what needs repair and fix those areas. Then I plan to put down laminate, and after doing Internet research I plan on putting down underpayment and seal the seams. Thanks for the response, the last 6 months have been pretty tough.

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 Barb,  the picture doesn't look like the floor had be swelled and lost strength but it could be.

Rebel has good advice for the fix and once you pull the carpet it should be even more straight forward. 

My thoughts are with you.,


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