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FYI: Honda Generators

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If anyone has purchased a "new" Honda generator, or any generator for that matter I have some advice for you.

I purchased a Honda 1000iA2 approx. 1.5 years ago. I recently took it in for warranty service (unit has 2 year residential warranty) because there is a service bulletin out concerning oil usage and excessive smoke from the exhaust. The place I took the generator into for service was a different place than I had purchased it from. The people doing the service contacted Honda to verify that the unit was still under warranty, which I was 100% confident it was.

Well Honda goes on to tell them that the generator I own was used and sold to me as new. They proceed to tell me that the generator was purchased 6 months prior to me purchasing it and the unit is no longer warranteed because the prior owner was a commercial industry and therefore only had a 1 year warranty.

I contacted the place I purchased this from and was able to get them to return my generator and give me a new one that was not effected by the service bulletin, this took a bit of work, but the individual I dealt with was very receptive.

Moral of the story though, if you have purchased one of these, especially from the same place I bought mine I would contact Honda and have then run the frame # for you, and have them give you a history of the unit because more than likely there are a bunch of these running around, I am certain they didn't only buy one unit from the group selling them. And if you ever buy a piece of equipment like this, have the manufacture telephone number handy so that you can call them and verify that the unit is officially brand new before you leave the store!

If anyone wants more details about my experience feel free to e-mail me

Don't get me wrong, this generator is awesome! Its just some shady business practices from a local store!

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Grabs where did you see the bulletin on honda generators and did you have any problems with yours.I bought a 2000 last fall and havnt noticed any problems with it but wondering if I need to get it checked out.Any info appreciated.

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As far as I can remember that is only related to the 1000's. You can call Lyndale Hardware and Service and ask them to be sure.

I didn't have problems until this last few weekends of ice fishing. I was only able to run the unit for about 30 hours tops, before the oil alert came on and I needed to fill up with oil again. If you have one of the 1000s in the serial number range, you will eventually have problems, just comes after usage, the pistion and ring set has been redesigned on the new ones. The old ones allowed to much oil to blow past the ring set and out the exhaust and only gets worse with age.

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