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Thanks to all of you on this forum, I got into my first morels this spring, and now can't seem to be in the woods without looking for something tasty!  

I'm pretty sure I found some oysters, but thought I would post here to see if I could possibly be confusing these for something else.  
All were found on poplar, had that "anise" smell (I think), and had white spore prints.  Also noticed that some were quite buggy and wormy when I got them home.


What do you think?IMG_1403.thumb.JPG.f15e89c62c539774eb0dfIMG_1402.thumb.JPG.f0cd2be877c40873b4057IMG_1401.thumb.JPG.0bb5d99790efe2db6e45eIMG_1400.thumb.JPG.7821c47e1da0feac50d4bIMG_1405.thumb.JPG.8c0586ba6d482c7cec4d6IMG_1391.thumb.JPG.8cb29ada41a084acecda7

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I think you did a great job of doing your homework and will be eating oysters for years to come. A tip for the worms......pick early ;)  if not....after cleaning,  try to remove as much moisture as you can, layer them between paper towels on a plate, bag'em, and put then in the fridge. Most of the worms will crawl out. When you cook them up, don't overload the pan and will be able to see the few that are left.

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Looks like you got yourself some oysters, congrats! Enjoy!

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Nicely done, Caddis.  Welcome to the addiction. :) 

Yeah, oysters tend to get really buggy, especially from little black beetles. You can salvage them if a few have moved in, as the "damage" can stay pretty localized.  Just cut out the bad parts and bring the rest home.  They also dehydrate and rehydrate quite easily without (to my palate, anyways) much loss in flavor, and they usually grow in profusion, so you can save a few to toss in your eggs in the middle of a Minnesota winter.  

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I noticed them yesterday, saw this thread today. Hope it produces every year I guess.

Any good recipes or just the good ole cook em in butter or stir fry em thing? 


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