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I got my first flathead of the season last night, 44 inches and 50# or better, cause the digital scale only goes up to 50# and it maxed out!  Of course, the first one of the season I had my pointer finger in the way of the line and now I have a nice, sore slice in it!  Nice way to start out, but it's gonna be hard to top?  Here's the kicker to this story.....this is the 3rd time we have caught this same catfish in 2 years.  I got it first in 2014....a month and a half later, my wife got it and at that time it weighed 46 pounds.  i got it again last night!  No question that it is the same fish, it has a distinctive scar around it's middle.  How ya like them apples?  My friend just gave the monster a name today...."The General"!   When I figure out how to better navigate this new (To me) HSO, I'll post a picture of the beast!  :-)

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To post pics, there's a thing that says "drag files" -- meaning from windows explorer -- or you can click where it says "choose files" or "insert other media" and then browse over to your picture to get it uploaded.  Or insert a URL if you have it on a picassa or photobucket or other site.

I love hearing pics of fish caught multiple times.  My two largest catfish (43 and 47 lbs) were both caught by anglers I know in the weeks prior and after the fact.  Add in the dozens or hundreds of anglers that frequent those spots on other days over the years, and you can bet some of these big beasts are caught maybe up to 50 or 100 times in their lifetime.  Congrats to you, and keep spreading the catch-and-release word.  I think many people overestimate how many of these big beasts there are, and think "what harm can it be if I keep this 50 pounder to eat".  They just don't grow on trees, and they take 30 years to replace once killed!  Kudos for releasing and re-catching "the general", and feel free to post pics of her/him every time you catch him.  Would be nice to see how this thread progresses and how many re-catches y'all get from "the general".  

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    • I went through the same thing. I had ATV's at first then bought an RZR. It was fun but honestly the quality for the price is pretty bad. You can go up to a Can Am but then the price is even worse. So a few years after I sold the RZR I got the itch again but then started looking at the Wranglers and ended up doing that. I bought a 2006 with the 4.0 and after that and buying a used 6.6' plow I was into it for less than 13.5k and can drive it everywhere.   I have the hardtop on mine. I just take it off in the summer and drive it when it's nice. IMHO it's the way to go but you need to watch out for ones that are rusted out. I take the doors off, the top off and drive around sniping gophers, head to the lake or just cruise around. I like the 32" BFG KO tires.     
    •   What's a big guy like you going to do with a little SUV?  Your still keeping the truck to pull that new trailer right?
    • Good luck, have fun and stay topside this time of year.
    • Did you have to sand in between coats of lacquer? I was going to use a pre catalyzed lacquer for a little more durability, but it seems like it would take forever to get in all of the grooves. 
    • Some of the older ones had a 4 cylinder. Think the new ones only have a 6 now.
    • White pine needs bud caps to survive.     DNR had this publication you might find interesting managing_woodland_deer.pdf   Here is another link.... from extension   Balsam fir and spruce are good if we ever have another bad winter....
    • Our son has one... mid 90's vintage....   I think it is the 6, was there another choice?   Not very good gas milage...
    • Anyone have one of these or know the pros and cons about them? I was looking at side by sides but came to the conclusion if I were going to spend around 15K or so I would rather have something more road worthy with a heater. Was surprised what they want for a new Jeep so I would have to find a gently used one for that price. So I would like to know the pros and cons with the little older ones or what to look for and what not to. I'm sure a guy would want the 6 cylinder as I might want to put a plow on the front eventually if we ever get snow.
    • Feiders sittin just outside the top 12. Really cool to see him doing well this year. Didnt sound like he had much luck prefishing going into the last tournament or this one but hes doin a heck of a job when it matters. Would be sweet to see him fighting for another top 12 spot on saturday!   As for my fantasy team... not so good. I was having a decent year so far (except for tharp last tourney).
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