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      Fluid forum view allows members only to get right to the meat of this community; the topics. You can toggle between your preferred forum view just below to the left on the main forum entrance. You will see three icons. Try them out and see what you prefer.   Fluid view allows you, if you are a signed up member, to see the newest topic posts in either all forums (select none or all) or in just your favorite forums (select the ones you want to see when you come to Fishing Minnesota). It keeps and in real time with respect to Topic posts and lets YOU SELECT YOUR FAVORITE FORUMS. It can make things fun and easy. This is especially true for less experienced visitors raised on social media. If you, as a members want more specific topics, you can even select a single forum to view. Let us take a look at fluid view in action. We will then break it down and explain how it works in more detail.   The video shows the topic list and the forum filter box. As you can see, it is easy to change the topic list by changing the selected forums. This view replaces the traditional list of categories and forums.   Of course, members only can change the view to better suit your way of browsing.   You will notice a “grid” option. We have moved the grid forum theme setting into the main forum settings. This makes it an option for members only to choose. This screenshot also shows the removal of the forum breadcrumb in fluid view mode. Fluid view remembers your last forum selection so you don’t lose your place when you go back to the listing. The benefit of this feature is easy to see. It removes a potential barrier of entry for members only. It puts the spotlight on topics themselves, and not the hierarchical forum structure. You as a member will enjoy viewing many forums at once and switching between them without leaving the page. We hope that fluid view, the new functionality is an asset that you enjoy .
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Foods that make you hungrier

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Seen something like this before. A good read for those that are trying to maintain a healthy body weight.

The source



What’s the number one weight loss killer? Overeating—we’ve all fallen victim to it now and again—but there are ways to help prevent it. Though overeating is just as possible with healthy food as the processed junk, we’re more concerned about the foods that actually fuel your hunger.

Yes, unfortunately, that’s a thing. The truly dangerous foods in your diet start a vicious cycle that makes you keep eating, even when you just ate.

To complicate things further, hunger is triggered by a number of factors that go way beyond an empty stomach. Stress, dehydration (try a glass of water before reaching for those chips next time - really!), lack of sleep and, of course, all that Instagram food porn you’ve been staring at can get your belly grumbling. But, surprisingly, so can certain foods. Here are five edibles that can actually make you hungrier after eating, derailing your weight loss efforts and leaving you feeling unsatisfied.



Simply put, sugar makes you crave sugar. Sadly, that doesn’t just apply to the real stuff; studies show that consuming artificially sweetened products and sugar alternatives (found in many diet foods and, yes, diet soda) can ramp up your appetite, causing increased calorie consumption over time. One study from the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that people’s preferences to a certain flavor is directly related to their intake of that flavor. Meaning, unfortunately, you eat yourself into a cycle; the more you eat something that tastes sweet, the more you’ll crave. Still not swayed? Another(study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that large amounts of artificial sweetener consumption was associated with an increased instance of Type II Diabetes. Toss the “diet” products and opt for a healthier alternative.


We all know that alcohol can lower our inhibitions and allow us to throw dietary caution to the wind, but its influence on appetite and hunger goes far beyond a second helping of wings at the bar. In fact, the Department of Psychology at the University of Liverpool found that as few as two drinks can significantly increase the amount we consume because it alters our perception of food, enhancing how delicious it seems. Basically, it tricks your brain into thinking that eating is more rewarding than it is. If you were ever left wondering why in the world you thought a pizza at 2 am on Saturday morning was a good decision, you now have your answer.


Simple carbohydrates like refined white rice get digested far more quickly than more complex carbs and can have a devastating influence on your blood sugar levels, explain researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. In extreme cases, eating too many simple carbs can lead to Type II Diabetes. Even in more modest consumption, sushi rolls packed with white rice will keep you full for a short time and then cause your hunger to come back with a vengeance. To keep yourself healthy while still allowing yourself to enjoy some Japanese delicacies now and again, try switching to brown or black rice on your California rolls and hunt out a location that doesn’t mask wimpy pieces of fish with mounds of starch. Don’t skip the avocado, either! The healthy fats from the fruit will keep you full longer.



We’re all guilty of loving that squishy, white bread from childhood (or, for that matter, pasta), but it can sneakily up your calorie intake by increasing your appetite. You might not even notice the change if you’re distracted, especially if you’re eating in front of the TV. Beyond having much of its natural fiber removed (the stuff that helps keep us full) when it’s processed, eating white bread also causes us to crave more white bread. As one study explains, refined carbohydrates like bread trigger food cravings due,in large part, to the amounts of high fructose corn syrup they contain. This activates hunger, as well as the reward and addiction hubs in the brain, making you feel happier when you eat more of it. Not a great cycle to start! Instead, opt for whole grain breads that have no high fructose corn syrup (most clearly mark this on the packages), a high fiber count, and fewer ingredients listed.

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  • Posts

    • Well you did say sometimes it's hard to get your point across with this group.
    • Well a few days ago we got hit hard by a good cold front and the temperatures plummeted down into the 50s here in Islamorada, FL.  We also had another reinforcing front back that one up, so things stayed chilly.   The water in the backcountry bays dropped into the high 50s as well in some portions.  Though a day after each front passed the winds laid down and gave way to some epic fishing.  Today I had Pam and Lars down from Arkansas and we fished deep in the everglades.  We got out early and were loaded up with some nice lively shrimp.  When the water temps drop this far, usually everything is pretty keyed in on shrimp - they don't want to work too hard for that meal and expend a lot of energy.  Working them very slowly on the bottom, really just letting them lay and twitching every so often, works wonders.  Once we got set up and the tide started moving in, it was game on.  Pam and Lars each landed well into the double digits on snook, and quite a few 'big girls' for us... fish in the 8 to 12 lb range.  Multiple double headers it was a blast!  We also had quite a few black drum and nice redfish too.  Very good to see the reds as they've been hard to find especially in the summer time, as much of their habitat has been beat up due to algae blooms and grass die off.  But in the winter they do show up in the 'winter time holes' along with their cousins the black drum, snook, and sheepshead.  We also saw several small tarpon rolling about.  I didn't have much hope that they would bite but knew it was a possibility.  We kept throwing in their direction, and soon Pam hooked and landed a nice 25 lb tarpon!  Not to be outdone, Lars got one about an hour after that.  Backcountry SLAMS for both anglers, wow!  We continued catching fish for several hours it was just epic, also got a few trout mixed in which we kept for dinner.  I don't particularly like killing our drum, especially the redfish, due to the lack of numbers... and snook are currently out of season and also more of a gamefish for us too.  On the way home we hit the gulf side to look for some triple tail.  It was so calm and those fish like to lay on the surface near the crab buoys, sunning themselves and waiting for an easy meal.  We saw quite a few but mostly little guys, though we caught several and got one that was big enough for dinner too at least.  Just a banner day out of Islamorada in December fishing.  I have the same crew again tomorrow and then several days open next week, come on down the fishing is great! Capt. Rick Stanczyk
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    • I’ve never been to Ahlman’s but by the looks of their page, yah, probably a great resource too. Boone’s is similar in respects to offerings and massive showroom layout but I don’t think they have the gunsmithing depth of Ahlman’s.
    • I actually enjoyed this. LOL  I used to dive a lot, but not as good as these did.
    • Didn't you smoke one before watching? 
    • Uhhhhh... I for one am at a complete loss for words.
    • Here is a project for you when fishing gets slow.  
    • I've never been to Boone's but I would think that Ahlman's Gun Shop down by Waterville might be similar and another possible resource.
    • Was able to get out these last couple weeks a couple times to enjoy the waterfowl before most of them left for good. Surprisingly was able to find a couple sea ducks on back to back weekends. The harlequin was a first for me in MN and the Long Tail was the second of my life.  Young long tail days before this lake froze over. Hen Harlequin below the St. Cloud darn couple weeks ago. American blackduck - may have some slight mallard mixed in with it as I noticed some green on its head from certain angles. widgeon picture I liked the colors with. This was taken early November.  
    • Hey, I just started mine and did about 5 circles around the yard just to smell some exhaust!
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