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Foods that make you hungrier

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Seen something like this before. A good read for those that are trying to maintain a healthy body weight.

The source



What’s the number one weight loss killer? Overeating—we’ve all fallen victim to it now and again—but there are ways to help prevent it. Though overeating is just as possible with healthy food as the processed junk, we’re more concerned about the foods that actually fuel your hunger.

Yes, unfortunately, that’s a thing. The truly dangerous foods in your diet start a vicious cycle that makes you keep eating, even when you just ate.

To complicate things further, hunger is triggered by a number of factors that go way beyond an empty stomach. Stress, dehydration (try a glass of water before reaching for those chips next time - really!), lack of sleep and, of course, all that Instagram food porn you’ve been staring at can get your belly grumbling. But, surprisingly, so can certain foods. Here are five edibles that can actually make you hungrier after eating, derailing your weight loss efforts and leaving you feeling unsatisfied.



Simply put, sugar makes you crave sugar. Sadly, that doesn’t just apply to the real stuff; studies show that consuming artificially sweetened products and sugar alternatives (found in many diet foods and, yes, diet soda) can ramp up your appetite, causing increased calorie consumption over time. One study from the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that people’s preferences to a certain flavor is directly related to their intake of that flavor. Meaning, unfortunately, you eat yourself into a cycle; the more you eat something that tastes sweet, the more you’ll crave. Still not swayed? Another(study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that large amounts of artificial sweetener consumption was associated with an increased instance of Type II Diabetes. Toss the “diet” products and opt for a healthier alternative.


We all know that alcohol can lower our inhibitions and allow us to throw dietary caution to the wind, but its influence on appetite and hunger goes far beyond a second helping of wings at the bar. In fact, the Department of Psychology at the University of Liverpool found that as few as two drinks can significantly increase the amount we consume because it alters our perception of food, enhancing how delicious it seems. Basically, it tricks your brain into thinking that eating is more rewarding than it is. If you were ever left wondering why in the world you thought a pizza at 2 am on Saturday morning was a good decision, you now have your answer.


Simple carbohydrates like refined white rice get digested far more quickly than more complex carbs and can have a devastating influence on your blood sugar levels, explain researchers at Harvard University’s School of Public Health. In extreme cases, eating too many simple carbs can lead to Type II Diabetes. Even in more modest consumption, sushi rolls packed with white rice will keep you full for a short time and then cause your hunger to come back with a vengeance. To keep yourself healthy while still allowing yourself to enjoy some Japanese delicacies now and again, try switching to brown or black rice on your California rolls and hunt out a location that doesn’t mask wimpy pieces of fish with mounds of starch. Don’t skip the avocado, either! The healthy fats from the fruit will keep you full longer.



We’re all guilty of loving that squishy, white bread from childhood (or, for that matter, pasta), but it can sneakily up your calorie intake by increasing your appetite. You might not even notice the change if you’re distracted, especially if you’re eating in front of the TV. Beyond having much of its natural fiber removed (the stuff that helps keep us full) when it’s processed, eating white bread also causes us to crave more white bread. As one study explains, refined carbohydrates like bread trigger food cravings due,in large part, to the amounts of high fructose corn syrup they contain. This activates hunger, as well as the reward and addiction hubs in the brain, making you feel happier when you eat more of it. Not a great cycle to start! Instead, opt for whole grain breads that have no high fructose corn syrup (most clearly mark this on the packages), a high fiber count, and fewer ingredients listed.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • They may be pecking bugs that are coming out of the holes.
    •   Actually these are "slough pumpers"  
    • Could be trying to make the holes bigger for nesting purposes?
    • Leech,   I was not at all trying to compare the hunting between the two states. That is apples and oranges. I was simply stating that I like their permit area system. I've hunted the WI rifle system for the last 25 years, and there are many similarities and some glaring differences. 1) Yes, the state is farther south with less winter kill. 2) There are also many similarities in terrain, but again a generally milder climate. 3) WI has fewer wolves, but still has it's share of predators. 4) Part 1- I've seen far more rut activity in WI over the last 25 years than I have in MN.      Part 2 - Are you kidding me? Most turkey dinners are served at deer camp or within relatively short driving distance. This is a religion over there! They will only miss a part of Sundays for a Packer game. Thanksgiving don't mean squat. It's a four day hunting weekend!
    • Well should be a very interesting run into the end of the season. Preds, Bruins, Preds, Stars, Stars, Oil, Ducks, Kings, Sharks. The only positives I see are Dallas is in a free fall and pretty much done, Oilers have been playing better and beating us lately so that is no easy game. I think 8 points should be plenty to get us in but it would still be better to end the season in a comfortable position. Have to keep an eye on the Blues too, they have been winning again and just past up Dallas. Some tough back to backs too, Pred/Bruins and Ducks/Kings. Fun time of year!!!
    • My kid made this house a few years back, all was good until this year I noticed something was beating it up. It's on a metal pole 13 feet up so I was thinking some how squirrels were getting up until I seen the culprit... a friggen woodpecker!! Is it the plywood?? Should have he made it out of cedar?  Not sure if there's a coincidence but I put out a suet feeder this winter and lots of different woodpeckers around... 
    • PF,   I’ve noticed lately that we agree on several topics but I disagree here.  Yes, the early inception of QDM and associated APRs was too one-sided but you honestly can’t elevate age structure by killing so many yearlings like we do.  It would take ONE year for hunters to notice an uptick in average size and increase in Buck/Doe ratio.  In two years those bucks would be branch antlered deer.  Yes, fawns are tender but I’m pretty comfortable with stating the difference in meat quality between a 1.5 year old deer and 2.5 year is more dependent on the taking and care of the game.   But all this doesn’t matter anyway.  We put 400,000 plus hunters in the woods every November to manage the population by harvest.  That’s it; that’s all the DNR is interested in and we’ve grown comfortable with the plans familiarity.  Even if we took a year off from shooting yearlings, the 2.5s would be gleaned right off the top with the gauntlet we field each year.  And by popular opinion, the general hunting public in this state is OK with it.   I’ll argue to my death that is why people who actually care about quality deer hunting in a state that is well suited for it have to go outside the regular FA season at a minimum to get it. And better yet, acquire as much manageable property as one can and build their own herd.  Which in turn further limits access to others, helps overcrowd public land and lowers the bar even further.   Pretty much everyone I know that pursues deer enough to go out if state, get into archery, buy or lease land knows this state is capable of a more developed herd.  And I think that is the point Satchmo is trying to ge to here.  It’s just a really big issue with a really big group of opinions weighing in.  And so many who believe there is no “Issue” to resolve.   **This post typed before Satchmo’s above. 
    • PF,   You're absolutely right. The only way to limit harvest and rebuild the herd in many areas is thru regulation, because too many people still to do things the old fashioned way and kill everything that the DNR says they can.   The antlerless tag allocations are based on faulty population estimates at best. The most accurate assessment of the herd comes from the boots on the ground. Which means YOU the hunters. I take NO heed in the DNR numbers in my area. WE manage our local population. My group passes small bucks when there are few & take does when they are plentiful. We monitor our deer year round, do habitat improvements throughout the year, and take out predators when we can.  This however is not the norm in the gun hunting circles.    The APR guys don't even follow their own advise when it comes to doe harvest. I find that most of the vocal, hardcore APR advocates are hunting SE MN, where the populations have been over goal for years, and they are trophy hunting. In many of those areas, they SHOULD be taking does to bring the herd dynamics back in to line. Those guys want everyone else to follow their plan that benefits their trophy hunting goals. A large part of the rest of the MN would benefit more from protecting does, not bucks. I'd much rather see a plan that benefits the herd, not the special interest groups.
    • It’s interesting when people compare Wisconsin to Minnesota for Deer management and population. Here’s a few things to think about that make them different and why Wisconsin has such a robust Deer population compared to Minnesota.  1)      The whole state of Wisconsin is at a lower elevation then most of Minnesota meaning less sever winters for their northern Deer herd as compare to Minnesota. 2)      Land terrain. There are some large differences.   3)      Wolves, as the map shows Minnesota has way more fawn eaters then Wisconsin.   4)      Later season. Part 1 allows the rut to be almost completed before hunting starts meaning more Doe’s have been bread. Part 2 Their last weekend is on Thanks giving which for a good number of guys means they are no way in He!! Going to be hunting at least on Thanks given day unless they want a divorce!    
    • spring truly really doesn't arrive till the ole slew pumpers show up........... blue herons. i have noticed more birds lately at the feeders so its a good start. that all all this snow forecasted didn't show up either!!!!!