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Any info on a strange fishing rod

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It's called a professional Bronson63 made in U.S.A. It's a closed faced reel but push button is in the handle of the rod. Looks old but is in good shape. Never seen one like it. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about it or where I can find out. Thanks, Eric

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A steel rod, 4-5 line guides, walnut grip, aircraft aluminum reel housing, reel is built into the rod, something like that?

Does the thumb push button also turn to adjust the drag?

If you had a photo that would help.

My guess?

The Bronson Reel Co., organized in Bronson, Mich., in 1922, specialized in low-to-mid priced reels, and most of their products retain little value. The only BIG exception is their line of Coxe-Bronson reels.

J.A. Coxe, who made very well known big-game trolling reels at his shop in L.A. for fifteen years until his company was bought by the Bronson Reel Co., of Bronson, Mich., in 1934.

Coxe continued to manufacture, or at least supervise the manufacture of trolling reels based on his designs and marked with his name. Coxe patented his "signature" star drag in 1924 and had a couple of later patents that were assigned to Bronson. Manufacturing of the largest reels was not resumed after World War II.

The line of "Bronson-Coxe" reels eventually was expanded to include some nice baitcasters, as well as smaller saltwater reels. These were Bronson's top-of-the-line products, none of their other reels approached them in quality and collectability.

Hope this helps.

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson


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