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Being the guy that always went with someone who had a boat I never paid much attention to what was involved in a locator. Well last summer the wife gave me the go-ahead to get a new boat. Now I have to rig it and my question is this I am looking for a GPS/Graph combo with water temp. I fish Mille Lacs, Leech and the Great Lakes so I am looking for a quality unit, anyone have one they would recomend or one to stay away from? Thanks in advance.

I just thought of this, does anyone know if you can download maps onto these units, if you could that would be awesome.

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Hello Setter/ I would have to recommend the Lowrance series of locators. Buying a GPS/Locator comes down to how much do you want to spend. Like most fishing equipment, your gonna get what you pay for. Locators will very on four different areas. Pixel count,watts,screen size and features. I like to tell people to spend as much as they can when fishing the big waters like you are.

The Lowrance LMS-240 is a locator/gps combo that I have seen recently selling for $399.99. A good unit with power, high pixels and features. Lowrance has added more units this year. The LMS-320 has even more pixels and resolution.

From here, you step up to the big screen units that are the top of the line.
The LCX-15 MT, 18C,19C and 140C. The C-series are a line of color recorders. They have the best resolution which makes it easy to find bottom transitions and see fish much better.

Most GPS/locator units have mapping software.The units accept cartridges that have pre-loaded maps on them which are then displayed on your screen. You can also transfer GPS waypoints to and from your unit with your home p/c.

Good Luck

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