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High Water, No-roll weight dilema, and 3-way swivel opinions

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Hey everybody,

1.) Curious to hear your thoughts on the high river levels and whether or not it has driven the flats out from deep holes and drop offs. I typically fish from shore and all of the holes I usually fish haven't produced anything on cut or bullies--not to mention they are all completely underwater now. With the current state of the river (Minnesota) in mind, should I be looking to fish different structures other than holes and drop offs? Perhaps slack water pockets next to moving water? Or do the high water levels have minimal effect on the flatties' whereabouts?

2.)I've also noticed the current has been a lot heavier this year due to the high water levels. I'm looking to order some new sinkers since I haven't been having the best luck staying down with the conventional sinkers (6 oz banks and pyramids). I hear no-rolls are the way to go, so here's my dilema is: I want to order mostly 8 ouncers, so I can count on my line sitting still. However, my friend insists I get 6ers because he thinks I wouldn't get as many hits from the fish feeling the tension on the line. Is it better to stay on the lighter side or the heavier side?

3.)Last one: 3-way swivel rigs. I've found them to work great at keeping the river gunk off of my bait. Every time I reel up, the gunk is only caked up on the leader with the weight and the leader with my bait is gunk-free. My only worry is that since the 3-way swivel doesn't allow the line to move out freely like a conventional setup, does the tension cause fish to strike less?

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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1) Current seams between main channel and slack water is key right now. They are still coming in shallow into those areas to feed at night on the shallower flats. I'm talking like 4-8 feet.

2) I have used 5 and 6 oz no-rolls all year long and had zero problems. Plenty of weight since there's no point fishing the heavy current stuff anyways. As for the theory of the fish feeling the would it feel tension with a slip-style sinker like a no-roll? This is why I DON'T use a 3-way swivel because I want the fish to take line without tension.

3) Some people use the 3-way with success and I have never used one so I can't say much here except that slip sinkers work for me.

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I've been using 4-6oz bank sinkers, and i use a large snap to hold them onto the line which keeps the lead from damaging the line. I find that if these do not work, then i'm in too much current. But, depending on the size of bait you are using, an 8oz isn't out of the question. I was using a 6oz sinker on the current break friday night with a 13" sucker and kept it in its place without a problem... Missed the hook set on that fish, think it was a small flat that was trying to eat that bugger.. He squashed it right behind the hooks, and then ripped the scales off when i set the hook. :(/

So, Current seams, sand bars, Downstream of a large log jam that creates a current break...All these places will have baitfish close by and you should be able to notice them jumping out of the water.

3-ways, never tried em grin

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No rolls have been working for me very well this year and this past weekend no bites but I noticed saomething that started to rasie some concern. I dont mind some tension whebn the cat takes the bait but when the debris on the line doesnt let my line slide thru the sinker that to me is no differnt that a three way system.

I have mostly used 5 ozer's this year but I have fished the fast current and at times have had upwards of 10 oz's on my line. If I think I need more wieght to get to the fish I use more weight.

I would toss my line in and with in 10 min there was enough stuff to stop the line from slideing thru the n-r properly and could almost stop the line from slideing thru.

I have used three way with some success for cats but use them more for other speices of fish when trolling.

Three ways will work for cats but to me it has to be the right situation

I was told along time ago that when fishing flatheads some tension is a good thing they feel it and crunch down on the bait harder as not to lose it. After I lock my freespool I let the fish pull on my line until the rod is fully loaded up and then swing set and have been haveing great success with this.

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Personally I've found that bank or pyramid style sinkers of lighter weights will hold equally as well as heavier No-rolls. I think the design of the No-rolls leads to them catching more water as they sink and drifting more. 5oz is as heavy of bank sinker as I keep in the boat normally.

Mono line will let most of the debris slip off the line and not pile up on the sinker as fast as it will with braid. Not sure why this is, but we have seen a large differnce in the amount of [PoorWordUsage] caught on mono line compared to braid. Also pinching a large spilt shot up your line from your sinker will stop most of it and let at least a few feet of line with no tension get to the fish.

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