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Big Brown

Zercom LCF 40 - Battery

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Well, I got out for the first time this year and was having trouble with my flasher. I was having a hard time picking up and lure and could not really distinguish the bottom from interference. Does anyone have a guess what the problem is? I am still running a 3 year old battery in this unit. Could it be time for a new one.

I know that the simple solution is to get the FL-18 or LX-3 but with a wedding the year I think I will have to wait until next season.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

-Big Brown-

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A freshly charged battery makes a big difference but if that is not the problem, you could have one of two other problems. First, try to put a little dielectric grease on the transducer connection (I bought a little tube in the automotive section at Fleet farm for $1.89). I have had this problem before and this takes care of it every time. Just be sure to insert the dielectric grease in the female end of the plug and then wipe the excess off so you don't get crossover of signals.

If this doesn't do it, it could be your transducer is bad.

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