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modifications for fish trap?

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Hi guys i got a 3 man fish trap last year and am wondering if any of you have made any modifications to yours? Thanks

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I have one, or two for ya.

To keep the bottom flap tight to the ice add a light chain into the slot around the drop curtain.

You insert it in the channel and tack the chain with a needle and some 10/30 FireLine every 6" or so, this keeps it from bunching up when you fold the tarp up. The FireLine will not rot like cotton thread will.

If the bottom collects a bit of ice just give it a shake and it falls off. Spraying the bottom with ScotchGuard helps to limit ice too.

You can use plastic or metal chain, I use metal for the weight. The whole idea is to keep the drafts out, right.

What is handy about this is unlike a ridged stick some use for this, a chain will fold up well with no time loss or hassle.

Another handy deal is have a board 2' by 2' by 1/4" (or as wide as the seat on the trap)of plywood with a piece of thick closed pour Styrofoam glued to the back of the same size. Us this to keep you feet on and you will stay warmer. Just a thick chunk of styrofoam works too but they tend to blow away or break so I glued on the plywood backing for strength.

Extra thick Styrofoam on the seat bench helps to keep the rump warm, far better then the bench.

Backwater Eddy..><sUMo>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

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