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"Position Lost"

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In reading the "Module Not Responding" post I began to think about my dad's x110 unit. He had the dreaded MNR message as well and we tracked it down to a splice by the fuse.

However now on occasion he'll get the "Position Lost" then back on and at times he'll shut down the unit, fire it back up and then BOOM he has position/satelittes. I'm think it may all come down to the position of the module but wanted any other advise that I could get. So with that...

How far away from the unit is it recommended to mount module (mine for my lcx115 and x112 are about 3' away and I have no problems)? His is closer then that.

Hard for me to believe it's a line of sight sort of thing as he'll lock on sometime in the garage but will admit that his could be mounted a little more exposed to the sky as his sidewalls drop down about 4" before the I guess theoretical "gunwall" and that's what he has it mounted on.

Thoughts, ideas??


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update the software if you have not done so. I have 2 different units with a gps puck and both are mounted next to the unit basically not more than a foot away. I dont think distance has as much to do with it as a good solid power connection!

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I'm guessing the module position is the likely culprit.

On older units like the 110 the internal shielding was not as good and interference was more of an issue.

Also, satellite positioning in the sky can cause this problem periodically with a less than ideal mounting location (ie. clear view of the sky). It's the worst when all the satellites are low on the horizon instead of overhead, especially if they are all in the same direction.

He may want to try relocating his gps module to see if that improves anything. Using stick-on velcro usually works well to try the module in temporary positions. Be sure to go into Overlay Data and display the EPE (estimated position error) on the screen so you can monitor it --- or just go to the satellite pages screen and monitor it there.

Good luck getting it figured out.

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