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St Croix Cat Fish are still biting!!

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I've been out 15 nights in August and was skunked 11 of those nights. That is a lot of hours listening to the Twins lose another one and drowning perfectly good bullheads. I figured the flats were coming off the spawn any time now and just kept after them.

Last night I started the evening on the big water south of Stillwater dragging cut bait on a deep 3-Way rigged with a big 2 oz saltwater jig on the dropper. I put a large sucker head on the jig and then hung a large hunk of cut bait off a 5/0 hook on a 30" leader off the middle 3-Way. The thing weighed a ton but it put the bait in the target zone of about 25' or so. I just trolled about 1 mph tap-tap-tapping that big 3-Way looking for a big flathead or channel cat to want a large hunk of cut bait. Right at sunset I had a beefy 30" channel cat almost rip the rod out of my hand. Been so long since I caught a cat I enjoyed the fight from that feisty channel. I missed another hit about 30 minutes later but that was all the action I could find trolling.

I moved upstream to one of my favorite flathead spots and put out a couple of bullheads. At 0045 I had a clicker screaming run and hooked up with a nice 37# flathead. He measured out at 42" X 27". I savored that moment - it has been a long time coming. I stayed out until 0500 but all I could manage after that was one extremely large and angry turtle.

Fun night - with the sturgeon season only about a week away I can feel the catfishing season slipping away. I need at least one more big one before I give up on the season.


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Nice Slumpbuster Steve!

My last few nights out around here have been a little more productive than in the past as well.

Should be a fun Sept

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Nice one Steve. You stayed out til 0500, eh? That's hard-core. I suppose after catching a nice high 30s, you were stoked for a few more hours, why go home when you're all pumped up, eh?

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    • better late than never!!  so far it's not to late any way!
    • I'm curious about the GenieJar.  Looks like there is a 30oz and a 17oz version.  I wonder how it works in fairly cold weather.  The nice thing about styrofoam is that it insulates against the entire water mass freezing into a minnow-sicle.  I wonder if they recommend throwing it inside your jacket or something. 
    • Agreed. I am getting nervous about the state of out financial situation now, well, I guess getting MORE nervous. Toward the back end of the contract Parise's deal isn't so bad since it was front loaded, but the term is so long. IMO we cannot afford any more buyouts. Pominville is such a buzzkill. Koivu has really played great the last 1 plus this year. No, he isn't going to win many races for the puck, but as long as he isn't on the top line I am OK with that. Staal is doing a little better than I had hoped I guess. I was hoping just for solid play, but there have been a few games where he and Coyle we so strong on the puck the opposition couldn't get control of it.
    • Hey Star, I wouldn't leave the fan there. It's going to get really HOT and will melt ! Move it to the bottom of the cabinet just left of the gas valve and have it blowing up so it pushes the heat out the vents on the top half of the heater.
    • I agree with the backing for the fly line.  Never had any problems and the stuff seems to get better with age.
    • Best thing I've found is backing for fly line.  It has no memory and virtually no knots.  It's better situated for rattle wheels because of the physical size of the backing but I've not had any problems yet with my Frabil tip-ups.  Deepest water we fish in is only 30' with normal depth of around 12'.  Our local Runnings sells 50 yard segments for like $3 each in any color. 
    • The next year my Mom and Dad cooked the turkey in one of those white roasters and it was awesome.  So I told her that too.  Big time.  It was nice and juicy too.
    • i believe it is their first year, one of the guys used to work for Ice Castle at the Pine River plant.  They have videos on you tube.  I have seen them on Facebook and you tube, the house looks nice, but it is not something I would buy. 
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