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Another "SCORE HIM" game!

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Was fun and interesting the last time with visters post. I thought id put another one out there with trail camera photos, so get a paper and pencil!

I will admit, had I not known what they score, I would have been off on a few of them by a fair bit. Depending on the angle of the camera shot sometimes, it can be very tough to judge.

Guess all in GROSS scores.... have fun!









Thats all of them! Gimme your numbers to the nearest inch as some of them I just have the sheds so I will do my best to estimate a spread. Hopefully it help when he comes walking by this fall!

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guess i'll go first.

A 118

b 127

c 137

d 135

e 110

f 143

g 146

h 132

by the way, G looks an awful lot like your avatar pic, except for a mirror image, or some flip-flopping has been done!

and C and F look like the same deer, except for minus the brow tine in pic C

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For the record.....I'm terrible at this, but here goes.









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a. 125

b. 142

c. 133

d. 139

e. 115

f. 155

g. 150

h. 145

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Well thats that. See how you did....

A) 126

B) 134

C) 153

D) 133

E) 108

F) 153

G) 163

H) 146

You have a keen eye vister, C and F are the same buck. G is on my avatar but I flipped the image for "better composition". Also, B and H are the same buck but 2 years difference.

jdon- you were very close on most of them- good job

Thanks everyone for guessing!

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For some reason on this site most people underestimate the score of deer. Its really tough to get good at judging unless you are actually passing up nice bucks in the field. I really am not that great deer less than 135" becuase I typically don't shoot or measure deer that size. The only one that really surprises me is buck C? He just doesn't look like a 150"er in C but does for sure in the other pic.

Fun project thanks.

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I put the picture of buck "C" there because it shows how much it can throw you off by only getting one photo from one angle. You never know what your missing, therefore tough to judge.

He looks better here....


or here...


and especially here:)


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