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Went fishin with Scudly

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Saturday morning at zero dark thirty Mark (scudly) and I hit the streams of Southwestern Wisconsin. Mark being my fishing guest I let him have every hole first. He started out the morning with a sweet brown. We fished until 10am and Mark's trout count was up to approximately 35.


Pitch dark plays heck with digital camera. Mark went out on his own on Sunday.

****Ask Mark about "Lightning"*****

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Here is my story:

A Bolt of Lightning

My buddy Len told me about a female brown trout he estimates to be ~30” and likely 10-12 lbs. Many would find it hard to believe that a stream trout of this size exists in southwestern Wisconsin. However, if you know Len, he does not mess around when it comes to big trout. Len and I fished the day before and I caught this chunky 20” brown on a crawler out of the now infamous pool. This fish alone made my weekend. Nice and chunky. We landed this guy in under one minute.



Len did a great job landing the fish in his enormous net. Len and I proceeded to other local favorite streams. Len said I caught >35 before 9:30 am. To be honest, I lost track, I was having so much fun. It was too easy, like catching trout every single cast.

After catching the beautiful chunky 20” brown, I knew this pool was special. I had to come back again to give this spot another try. As we parted on Saturday, Len gave me his old net which is roughly two-thirds the size of his new net. I figured this was the last I’d see of Len this year. The net said it all. In return I swapped Len with a handful of #9 PMD silver Panther Martins, Len’s favorite. I called Len later that afternoon and was hoping he could meet me again on Sunday however Len talked to his wife Barb who’s first question was: “Did Mark catch a big fish?” Len could not lie. The only advice Len gave was to go to Walmart and buy a heavy pole with a reel rigged with 20lb line. Looking back, I should have followed his instructions to a tee.

She hit Sunday morning like a bolt of lightning at 6:30 am. WHAM!!! The trout instantly bent my rod in half and my reel began to scream. Zip, zip, zip more line peeling out. This fish was hauling [PoorWordUsage] so far however I maintained pressure and gained on her now and then. Out went more line. I was losing her. She was now 30 feet upstream and zigzagging back and forth around the pool. I was sick to my stomach. My heart was pounding so loud I could hear it in my head. I began to pray. In the middle of The Lord’s Prayer more line peeled out. The big brown trout was doing constant violent head shakes trying to remove the hook. She was not happy with the situation she was in. I felt nauseous yet slightly optimistic at the same time. I kept thinking – I can do this, maintain pressure. I had the fish on for over a minute now so I obviously had a good hook set.

This fish felt more than twice as strong as the 20” trout caught the morning before. Never had I experienced such a strong trout peel out my 10 lb braided line like this. Losing more line I had no choice but to click my drag one notch tighter. The trout made a torpedo run from the left side pool to the far right and for some odd reason swam up on the rocks at far edge of shore doing its best to tuck under a rock. The fish seem wedged there. I maintained light pressure. The fish and I were at a standstill. The giant was belly up on rocks on the opposite side of the shore. I could see her gigantic dorsal fin and tail fin flapping around. What a monster. This trout was broad and had the figure of a giant northern pike, yet from a distance I could see dime sized crisp brown spots.

What happened next was devastating. The fish appeared to be taking a breather beached on the rocks on the opposite side. I thought to myself, what should I do? Should I let out slack and hope she runs out back into the center of the pool? However, I was worried she would wrap around a rock and cut the line. I applied pressure. The big brown did a quick 90 degree turn and POP, out went the line. That did just not happen, did it? I sunk to my knees on the soft mud in devastation. I was trembling, ready to puke from the adrenaline this fish gave me and the loss of her.

For sure, she was a trout of a lifetime. Len said he has been trying for the gigantic trout over 30 times now that lives in this now infamous pool. Len hooked her with a Panther Martin last fall. Len’s friend Joe hooked her this spring on a crawler. From conversations it appears I had her on the longest. At the very least, I had hooked the biggest trout of my life and I fought her and she won, at least this fight. Until next summer…

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Thanks for sharing the story, Mark. Something tells me that you'll be back to that same pool! Nice 20 incher. What I love about brownies is their unique spot patterns. Every fish is so different.

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Scudly, we should get together sometime, I would love to photograph some of your ventures! shoot me an email borg0196 at adamborgstahldotcom

you are pretty good with a camera.

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    • Just relaxing and bobber fishing with the Mrs while camping up north 10 days ago, had decent sized suckers on. Had 8 suckers left for the evening bite. Found where some smallies seemed to be stacked. Two 18"ers, two 19"ers and what looked to be a 20" smallmouth that got off boat side.  A 23" walleye decided to get in on the fun, had a snip off and lost a fish in the weeds 25' feet down. Those were some productive minners. Bringing more next year. A nice double and my wife's new personal best bass. 19"
    • its same reason to cast frogs shallow back towards the shore late fall like they are jumping in the water. those walleyes know come fall thats what frogs do and are waiting to ambush them and makes for some great fishing.
    • I agree. Koivu is worth it, I was hoping for less, but there are so many haters that look past his stats to really see where his value is. Didn't he just lead the league in +/- last year? mid 50% faceoff win %, very prominent on penalty kill, etc. I love the Cullen signing, but he isn't the same player Koivu is. I was vocally negative on Koivu 3 years ago, but since then he has strung together 2 very good seasons. Apparently he listened. :-)
    • I've never really understood what sort of forage that nightcrawler is supposed to emulate anyway.  Maybe there is some sort of wor doing it's thing in the muck at the bottom of the lake, but it's not a nightcrawler
    • I think it is just a seasonal forage thing. All the yough of the year minnows/fish are probably reaching the preferred size for walleye, as well as they (minnows), are leaving the shallow nursery areas and are now more vulnerable.  Minnows are probably more readily available and preferred this time of year naturally.
    • The smallmouth here seem to be transitioning to a fall pattern. Although, the warm weather recently seems to be confusing them as they are scattered and tactics change daily.
    • Cullen is nowhere near as good and we don't have anyone ready to step into that 1/2 roll yet. Ek might be the guy someday but he is a rookie. On the open market Hansel just got 4.75 and he is nowhere near as good as Koivu either. Its a little high but we need him. Ideally Ek steps up and Koivu is a 2/3 guy by the time this is up.  Even at the same age Cullen was putting up 40 points to Mikko's 58 and is not better defensively. Cullen has never had a 50 point season, Koivu with 7 of them. 
    • I don't like the move at all...why not let him play out the year to see how he holds up?  He's not going anywhere at this other team would offer him near that much after this season. $5 Milllion and $6 Million per year are way too much...Cullen is just as good at $1M The roster is looking younger and other than Parise/Suter we should have the overhaul done by 2019...2020 at the latest and I am liking that!  
    • Everyone is correct in saying that a converter is the way to go. When hooked up to shoreline or generator power, batteries are efficiently being charged while also providing clean 120v AC and 12v DC power. There may be an additional option to give you the best of both worlds though....   How many 120 v circuits are you planning on having? Is it safe to assume that everything will be on one? Assuming that you will be running a honda or similar 2000 watt inverter-style generator... One 15 amp circuit is about all you will be able to run. I am in the same boat as you are... I have quite a bit of battery capability on board and a generator... but would like to be able to run 120v without having the generator going. What I am thinking about doing is this....     Now... I haven't tried this yet and by no means am an electrician.. But my thought is that my single AC circuit that feeds my outlets would be wired to a male plug. The Line out from my converter would be wired to a household female plug.... And then there is the inverter which already has a female plug. Basically, I can choose which source I want to use to feed the outlets... either inverter or generator. There may be better ways to do this, such as a transfer or 3-way switch - but I think it would be nice to physically know where the power is coming from. To me, this is the easiest way to have the best of both worlds, while ensuring that aren't using your inverter to charge your batteries back through the converter. Any of ya smart guys see why this wouldn't work?
    • Maybe they just stop working as well as the alternatives.   That could be because (speculation on my part) that the organisms that a crawler harness or a crawler on a rig emulate or resemble become less abundant in the fall and minnows have grown to the point where they are attractive to the walleye.   So the walleye are no longer eating bugs or crayfish for example but have switched to minnows.  I do know, based on the writings of a number of people and personal experience, that crawlers lose effectiveness compared to minnows in the fall on Vermilion.   Likewise starting out in the spring, and gradually crawlers become more effective than minnows. 
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