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How many holes with your Ice Gator and which auger?!?

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Im curious as to how many holes everyone has been getting with their ice gator and instead of hijacking the other thread I figured I would start a new one. If you could list which model you have, which batteries your using 9ah or 12ah and which auger bit you using.

Ive got an attacker with the 12ah batteries and have been using both a 6in and 8in lazer hand auger bit. The only real test I had where I took fully charged batteries and drilled throughout the afternoon until it died was with the 6in bit at the end of february. Through probably 2 1/2 feet of ice I was able to get 67 holes before it died. Using the 8in bit I know I have drilled 10-15 holes through 2+ feet of ice without charging it but never did a real thorough test to max it out.

Post up your results...Im curious to see what other bits have been able to do!

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I have never driled holes to see it die the first year we had them a buddy had over 70 holes in 2' of ice with the 9 ah batteries over 3 days

I have both sets of batteries and have never run outsome days I just drill 5 some days 2 somedays 30 I also use the 8" lazer bit and also have the 6" model that has a 6"lazer bit

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