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Right now I'm using PSE 6, I would like to move to more advance software. I don't feel that I need full blown Photoshop. I've been thinking Lightroom might be a good move. I sure would like to hear from anyone that is using it.

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I used Lightroom on the trial download quite extensively. I like it compared with CS2, but found it redundant after upgrading to CS3 because most of the features I was interested in Lightroom for that were missing from CS2 were included in CS3.

From PSE6, I'd bet you'd really like the increase in muscle. It's particularly helpful when you're processing a bunch of images that need the same adjustments, because you can use a feature that allows you to apply your last set of changes to the current image, and you can zip right through a lot of like images that way, giving them the same look as each other with fewer keystrokes. That's especially helpful when I'm processing hundreds of wedding images all shot at the same white balance under the same lighting conditions. Make the first set of changes to the first image, and then you're off!

I'd suggest going to the Adobe site and getting the free download for Lightroom. You've got 30 days, if memory serves, before you buy. If you don't buy, it just disappears off your computer.

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