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Franconia tips almost paid off!!!!!!!!

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So I went out last night with the new tips from you guys feeling pretty confident I would hook into a good size fish and I did. ALmost! Me and my buddy headed out and didnt get set up till about 10:00. We started off the night by getting snagged half a billion times and not a bite. Also between the both of us we had lost all the circle hooks I had with, so all I had was some wire shiner hooks from icefishing. I decided to make a move and go up river to a complete different spot. We get there and all set up and my buddy catches a big ole soft shell turtle on a crawler rig right off the bat. About ten minutes later i get a bite but lose it a couple thumps after the hookset.( I dont think i set the hook at all because I am used to circle hooks.) So I rebait with the last sucker which is almost a decoy and throw it out there expecting nothing on that big of a minnow and start rigging up a crawler pole. CLICK CLICK CLICK!!! I look over at the pole and the line goes from tight to slack. I grab the pole and it feels like a snag. GREAT!!!! I start yanking on it two or three times and then IT YANKS BACK!!!! HARD!!! This thing is just yanking out drag! Im just freaking out! I am fighting him for maybe a 1.5 to 2 minutes and it feels like Im starting to maybe gain a little on him and it takes off hard again. F@%&!!!!!!! It gets off the line! I real it in and the hook is bent pretty well straight! F@%&!!!!! We left shortly after that because we were out of suckers and because I was sick to my stomach. That fish was a biggin whatever it was. Ill be back out tomorrow though with more circle hooks and time! Hopefully Ill get her back, but probaly not.

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You would be surprised how big of a minnow Cats will eat. We had a little 24" Flathead (few pounds maybe) eat a 12" Sucker minnow.

And when you go back I would obviously make sure you have strong enough hooks...I have seen people lose fish a few times because the hook snaps or bends.

Glad you had fun.

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The learning curve just went way up.... It goes to show what can happen, when MR. Murphy shows up, even when you are prepared... or NOT.

Hope you get another chance...... It might be a long time. crazy

prefect words LFC

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A guy I was fishing beside one evening last week was catching carp on nightcrawlers of about 4 - 5# or so. The last one he hooked he got almost all the way to the wall when it suddenly got heavy and then took off for the middle of the river. He couldn't stop or turn that fish, and the carp had not even pulled out his drag before that.

It would set down like a snag and refuse to move and then shake its head a couple of times, move a ways and then do it again. That happened several times, and then it finally made a run back for about where it had taken the carp in the first place, at the base of the wall. All of a sudden the line goes slack, and the guy thought he lost everything, but as he reeled up the slack he found he still had a 5 pound carp hooked and fighting - but not like before... When the carp was in the net we found heavy abrasion marks about halfway back on both sides of the carp's body. No slashes like one would expect from a large musky; so our best guess was a pig of a flathead. They will take very large prey. Decoy suckers are not too big for many of these fish.

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We started off the night by getting snagged half a billion times and not a bite. Also between the both of us we had lost all the circle hooks I had with, so all I had was some wire shiner hooks from icefishing.

I told you some of those spots were Snag City. What you need to do is shorten up your leader when fishing in those snag prone spots. In some cases don't use a leader at all. Put your slip sinker on the line and tie off your hook directly below it. The cats will find your bait just fine even though the sinker is right up against the bait and without a hook flapping in the current on a leader you won't get hung up as much.

To prevent snags when repositioning your bait or just moving spots don't be timid in your retrieve or the sinker will get hung up. What I do is pick up any slack in the line and then snap the sinker off the bottom and reel up as fast as I can to clear any snags or debris. Those snag prone spots are not the place for any limp wristed retrieves or you will get hung every time.

Don't give up on those spots, just modify your technique a little bit and it may prevent you from getting hung up so much.

Good Luck!

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    • Then you can tell that to all the professional chefs that use sous vide.  
    • My new project involves putting my big boy pants on and upgrading from the 4'x7' panel on the fish house to a 8'x24' for the house. Believe it or not but I had to unhook it from the house for fear of starting a fire due to making too much heat. I haven't quite figured out how to control it yet. 
    • We have a gas furnace too. But if it's sunny we run the entire house on solar. Heat and electric. It may not sound like much but in that 8x12 we have had days where we need to open windows. The one thing it won't do is throttle down or turn off until the sun goes down. I know it's a duh thing but a consequence you don't think of at the design phase. It also works great when you aren't out there  it sure is great to come out to the house after work and the house is already at 60F or warmer   It was only an experiment for a larger project but turned out pretty cool. Something to do. 
    • This all sounds pretty darn sweet. You may want to start making and selling them.  So, what heats the house at night when the sun goes down?  Or did I miss something? 
    • Imagine just a black box with 2 holes at top and 2 at the bottom with a green house sheeting over the top. All 2x8 cedar and a piece of foam board. 
    • I have a pc type fan in each outlet pulling air through the panel. These are wired to the small solar panels that are behind the plastic sheeting. These are then wired to a snap switch that closes the circuit at 80F and off at 65F. So the fans won't turn on unless they have power supplied by their own solar panels and the temp inside the panel is 80F+. And ya just a pvc trim piece for a cleaner look. We did find that we needed to add just one layer of a ziplock bag to the outlet holes. Just any piece of thin plastic would do. This covered the holes to stop backfeeding at night. And once the fans kick on it's not a problem.  I don't but it hasn't been bad at all. And if you drive north all day it actually works and the house is definitely warmer than the outside once we get there. The whole setup I have maybe $100-$200. The larger solar panel and dual battery system is a whole different deal. 
    • I have given him a bunch of tips if he really took the time to read them before things went south. 1) Add more pictures and some from the sides. Right now all anyone can tell is their buying a hood, windshield and skis! 2) Take the old thin piece of rope off the bumper. 3) Post it on the site that sees a lot more sleds sold. And now. 4) Spend a few minutes and wipe it down clean and Armor-All it and may be spray a little black Rust-Oleum on the skis and other rust colored metal parts.  But that all may be a little more work then he wants to put into getting it out of his garage. Do I have a little experience at buying and selling sleds over many years? Well this one I bought for $2,800. I used it for 3 years and put a few 1000 miles on it and sold it for $2,700 More our less 3 years rent for $100 bucks! Took that money plus $150 more and bought the other one below for $2,850 with only 122 miles on it and it is spotless. So in a few years guess what!  
    • Unfortunately this is probably very true. 
    • Whatever works for ya. To each his own, right? Lot of things on here that aren't my thing, but they keep jabbing right along.
    • I know one you can sing....but it's sad that he has to satirize a song of a musician that just passed away, though. Ah, he doesn't see it from your side Glenn, because it's not his side. If one of us had attempted a rhyme, in reference to him, he'd be all over it.  He needs the site to run according to his views. He's a straight, upstanding fella, ya know. He said so.  Maybe we should sing his song... but he'd go catatonic.  I'm sure you've all heard it in the service. I am surprised it took him this long to jump in. . I will say a certain person(s) did sum it up in that PM, right on the ol' button. *BINGO*!  Carry on! Maybe tomorrow I'll post that song on his thread.....  
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