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Pool table

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The wife, yes the wife, has decided it would be fun for the kids and the family as a whole to get a pool table.

We've never been ones to shoot from the hip when buying something, always looking for higher end products at a decent value.

We started looking on C-list and there's TONS of pool tables for sale, but we don't know what we're looking for.

We want a legit table, not plastic, and a decent one.

Is there anyone here that can give us some insight as to what they like about their pool table? What they would do, not do if they were to get another one?

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Eight foot slate with leather pockets and you're good to go.

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I h ave a 7 ft( pretty standard ) 3 piece 1" slate. 3 pieces makes it easier to move. If you buy a used one, have a pro set it up and level it.

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I have an 8 footer that is 3 piece slate and never had any problems with it. It is from a small local dealer who builds them himself from scratch. We paid $1100 for it new and he even matched the stain on the wood to the wood we had in our basement. We just gave him a quart of the stain we used and he did the rest.

I would recommend a drop pocket table and not one with rails that return the ball to the end of the table. Just get one that the balls stay in each pocket, better quality. It is important to have it leveled every now and then and buy a good set of balls, don't go real cheap but don't take out a second mortgage either. My advice is to get a set of cheaper one piece cues since you have kids. I keep my real cue in a case and only take it out when I am playing serious, otherwise the one piece cues are fine to bang around a rack of balls with the kids.

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I saw the coolest pool table at the sports show. Beautiful all natural wood with a thick resin coating for a high gloss shine. the dots on the table were bullets and there was a deer carving somewhere on it also. Bonified one of a kind awsome. I'm more of a fisherman, but I'd bet this guy takes orders for anything you want. $6000

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