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Mansfield Toilet - Changing to flapper type flush

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I have a Mansfield Toilet in my house that gives me trouble. The flush valve seal is constantly moving out of place and causing the toilet to run continously. I tried replacing the seal. While the new one stays in place, it does not seem to seal correctly and the toilet runs every 30 seconds or so. I have been researching on the internet and it seems that this is a common problem.

I would like to replace the system with a flapper type. Another one of the toilets in the house has been converted just after we bought the house by a plumber. I would like to save a few bucks and do it myself.

I consider myself fairly handy and really good at following directions. Has anyone done this? What is the exact procedure?

Thanking everyone in advance!

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You have 2 both of your choices you have to remove the tank. You can replace the tank with another mansfield tank or you can rebuild the insides in which you have to remove the tank. Go buy a flush valve assembly with flapper, a new tank to bowl gasket, and a set of tank to bowl bolts (can't remember if Mansfield has 2 or 3 tank bolts) send me a private message and I can walk this thru you on the phone. Being a master plumber I can give you good advice, the job is simple and take less than 1/2 hour.

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Thanks for the information. I went to the hardware store today and bought a replacement kit. I read through the directions and they seem pretty straight forward. I'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow morning as I am leaving shortly for a friend's B-day party.

I'll send you a message if I run into any issues.

Thanks again!

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