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Mankato Area Bass Tour Final Standings

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1st - Meyer / Meyer 388

2nd - Goettlicher / Leesch 387

2nd - Schmidke / Morgan 387

4th - Jeffries / Joens 381

4th - Shetka / Hauer 381

6th - Pittman / Bohlen 380

7th - Simon / Hoffman 375

7th - Burch / Dunn 375

9th - Howland / Lohre 374

10th - Jensen / Hodapp 370

10th - Johnson / Slack 370


12th - Sheeler / Sheeler 366

13th - Miska / Braith 356

14th - Mitchell / Radermacher 354

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Meyer and Meyer dominated w/ 24lbs on Shields the first day and big fish of 6.66lbs, def. number of the beast!!! eek She was a cow!!! shocked They had over 18lbs on Masaska Sunday, some of the best fisherman I've ever met, always consistant wink over 42lbs. of fish on 2 tough tough bites, they earned it 4sure , congrats guys

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On Saturday, I guess I'll have to bring a PBR for the MABT blue ribbon winners.

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Bring some blue healers for the Ultimate winners, too!

hee, hee, hee. (hoping)

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    •   Exactly! As long as politics ( And trump) stick around old silly town will still be around. 
    •   I did consider texture changes as well and all I can tell so far is that folks sharing online recipes and photo's didn't have serious issues with that.  They did mention having to cook out absorbed liquid when they heated up the canned slices.  When I get around to my experiment I believe I'll do some jars with fatty slices and some with cased sausage.
    •     If it gets here anytime in the near future, del is either going to have to start making trips to Mexico or go visit Dr Juice..      

    • I'm thinking the same thing, it's coming.
    •     As of 2013, (four years ago) 58 percent were in favor of legalizing marijuana too, and the FDA and DEA haven't even budged...
    •   1.  You don't have to be Michelangelo to know that Jackson Pollock was a terrible painter. 2.  Yes, that's 100% true. 
    •   Actually he is a hypocrite in 2 different ways.   1. He called out someone else's skill but was unwilling to show us how it is done. 2. He likely only called you out because you are a liberal picking on his republican buddy. If someone like Uncle Bill had made that picture he would have probably just "liked" it and moved on.
    • Don't forget, single payer is what Trump was backing many years ago. He may be angling to get it now.   Think about it. As far a partisan politics go, this would be a genius move for the republicans if the think tanks could come up with a way to spin it to the base.    Whatever party passes single payer will solidify at least a couple of consecutive presidential terms like the Democrats did.
    • I don't think he's a hypocrite, even though I question his skills as he failed to even identify the tool I poorly used.  He's just capable of identifying objectively poor photoshopping and a tool for pointing it out.  There isn't much that can change that.
    •   58% are already in favor of single payer. I bet after last week's fiasco, those numbers go up even higher.
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