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Brown Trout Species

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There are actually 2 types of Brown Trout.

They were brought over by German and Scottish settlers

in large wooden barrels. The 2 trout had distinguishable

differences when first brought over.

The Loch Leven Scottish brown was different than the

German brown. Loch Leven browns were differently

marked. LL Browns had no red spots.


Scottish heritage.

The 2 breeds of browns have intermingled through the years

and it is hard to tell a species from the other.


German Brown lines.

The best way to tell if they are German or Scottish is if they

are wearing Leder Hosen or a Kilt.

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I always wondered about the red vs. no red spots. Thanks!

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So originally the Scottish strain mostly comes from lakes and the German from streams?

The browns I have caught out of lakes in MN seem to have the more muted coloration of the Scottish but I always figured it was because of it being a lake fish. And the wild browns of streams also seem to be more colorful than the stockers. Perhaps the duller coloration of the lake fish in due to they were stocked opposed to wild?

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Awesome fishes/pictures and information. I just started getting into trout fishing this year and hope to one day catch a big stream/river trout like those!

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