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Crow Hunter

Question for Vister

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Vister, I took notice of the combination you use in your muzzleloader (hornady .44 HP-XTP with an MMP green sabot)from a previous post; I have purchased the same stuff, not being satisfied with the powerbelts I have been using. If you don't mind, could you explain the sighting in procedure you use; it seems everyone recommends a different procedure, I would like to know what has worked for you with this sabot/bullet combination, 100 gr triple seven pellets and a triple seven primer. Thanks for any help. CH

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Crow Hunter,

I have been using that very combo in my muzzy for the last two years. I love them. One thing I did find is I need to shoot one shot after I clean my gun to get it to shoot stright. I was cleaning it after every shot trying to get it sighted in but that was making it all over the place. Now I shoot one shot then put it on the bench and shoot two or three shots and then it created a nice tight group at 70 yards. So now I clean my muzzy before hunting pop off one shot and then go hunting. I love the results with the 44 bullet. I have shot 3 deer with them and zero ran off when done. All were hit in the hot box and dropped right there.

Just my Two cents.


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I've had good luck cleaning my barrel between every shot and just popping off a primer before loading up. This ensures any wetness from the barrel is removed and gives a nice thin even coat. I print clover leafs with my T\C Omega and various types of sabots.

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i usually won't run a patch through my barrel while sighting in unless I have shot 4 or 5 times or more. the biggest thing is i fire two primers after cleaning. makes sure the flash hole is cleaned out. but yes, i use triple seven pellets and primers. the primers burn hotter than most others, giving the powder a hotter flash to ignite. Do not use bore butter of any sort, ever. most everyone tells ya to, but i have never had a bit of luck with it. messy, and makes a bigger mess to clean up the gun.

because of the green sabot, there is less copper fouling in the barrel vs powerbelt style bullets. which means you can shoot more often without thoroughly cleaning the barrel.

long story short, shoot your muzzleloader till your grouping somewhat where you want to be. run a dry patch through, followed by a wet patch, followed by a dry patch a few more times. barrel doesn't have to be spotless to be accurate 75-100 yards out. shoot 2 primers through to make sure no gunk is in the flash hole. load up and make the small adjustments to finetune your groups.

i sight mine in at 50 yards, and then shoot at 100 yards. if it is shooting pretty well, i leave it alone. if i'm high, low, left, right, etc, i'll make a few small tweaks. then shoot again. personally, i'd rather be dead on a 50 yards than shooting soso groups at 100. i go out more confident this way. plus, any shot over 100 yads with a ML opensights gets to be a little more tricky, and i wont shoot over 150. i'd rather they were closer!

hopefully this helps ya and answers any questions!

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