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Any experience with recovery time - partially torn ACL

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random I would say 2-3 months is the minimum. our lab had it happen and had the surgery. we rested her about 3 to 4 months and waited a whole hunting season. walked her and got her into shape for the next season and the next season came and she blew out the other one trying to stay off of the hurt knee. becareful give him/her time.

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Good news for him is the tear is minor enough that the vet doesnt want to do surgery unless if completely goes. So he will be staring out of his kennel wondering why he is not getting his weekly runs for the next 2-3 months.

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Had a Samoyed get the surgery. He tore his about the same time as Keith Mellard so yeah that was a while back. I let him hunt on it a time or two before taking the rest of the year off after the knife. Yeah he hunted - flushed, pointed, retrieved, took hand directions- was a total rooster maniac.

I think he was skiing with me that winter but had a good three months rest.

The last hunt prior to surgery he got into bunch of hens in a woodlot flushing them in all directions. He got out of there, layed down whining in pain. Eventually I limped him back toward the truck but a rooster flushed over the cattails. Took me an hour to get him out. When I did he was still working like a two yr old. Adrenaline is fantastic!

Good luck and rest that young dog. You'll be happy you did.

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Vet suspected a partially torn ACL in my labs knee, although they can't really confirm that unless you have an MRI done. Anyways, we put him on strict bed rest for the 2-3 month time.....crated a majority of the time (we had a new puppy, he did not like that time!!). When outside he was on leash at all time.....every time he had to go out I was with him on a short lead so he would not run/jump. After a couple month we started short walks and then slowly progressed from there. As far as I can tell the knee is better, but he has a bad rear ankle with lots of arthritis on the same leg so I still see lameness.

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Hemi- We seem to be having the same issues again. We discussed TPO a couple years ago. Now my dog Lexi is having TPLO surgery on her right knee on Thursday. They think she has a partial tear in both knees, however she shows no issues with her left.

We were advised 2-3 months rest for her partially torn ACL. However in my opinion if it's already partially torn, I don't think 2-3 months will help an active hunting dog in the long run. Our vet and a surgeon kind of confirmed that as well even though they recommended the rest first. To me 3 months of limited activity seems like a band aid that may or may not work.

We decided to go right for the surgery instead of potentially wasting 2-3 months on no activity. Lexi is alreay bored out of her mind and we are pretty sure depressed since we can't run her now. She doesn't even ask to play ball any more and just lays around with her head down.

Really not looking forward to full time kenneling as well as on-leash potty breaks. In the end, it will be best for both Lexi and my wife and I.

Then we have to hope the surgery heals well and the knee holds up. All with knowing in the back of our mind her other knee will probably need it eventually.

Never dreamt when getting our first dog ever that we'd be spending upwards of $10k on surgery and she's only 4. TPO on both hips and now starting on knee #1 with TPLO.

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    • Nilight Led Light Bar 2PCS 18w 4" Flood Driving Fog Light Off Road Lights Boat Lights driving lights Led Work Light SUV Jeep Lamp,2 years Warranty
    • Last weekend I switched out my ramp door for a bay window.  I'd like to spray foam it, but I'm sure I won't be able to find anyone willing to do it professionally in my area, at least not at a reasonable price.  Last winter I had to drive an hour and a half to get the rest of it spray foamed for about $2000.  One company told me they wouldn't fire up their equipment for less than 1800. For this small of an area I'm thinking I would be just fine with the foam boards @ 2-3/4" thick with the furring.  Otherwise, does anyone know how well those Menards Froth Packs work?  $360 still seems kind of spendy to spray foam that little area myself.  
    • That's awesome. I gave mine a test last night and they weren't bright enough. I might have to order some bright lights from Amazon. 
    • Looking good! I also wanted reverse lights. I used some of the really bright light bars from Amazon on mine.  
    • I would fur it out another inch, then spray foam and finish to the furring strips.  No vapor barrier needed at that point.
    • Use 1x2 (actually 3/4"x1 1/2") PVC trim boards for firring strips on the face of studs. The PVC won't absorb any moisture and works well as a thermo break from the aluminum studs. They can be found at any of the big box lumber stores.
    • Moisture is likely condensing on the metal studs and being transferred to the paneling. Furring strips will probably be the best bet with metal studs. You can run them horizontal or vertical and then just attach the paneling to that. I personally wouldn't use a vapor barrier. Some guys do though. 
    • I have a 6.5x14 Ultra Shack. I'm guessing was built early 2000s. Had to tear apart interior walls due to moisture build up. Steel frame, with aluminum 1.5x1.5 or 1"x1" tube studs. Previously insulated with pink board foam between studs, with a thin quarter inch thick foam pad glued to the studs, then paneling glued over the top of it all. I'm thinking the issue was no vapor barrier? I have it all torn apart down to the studs. Wondering how I should finish it, use a vapor barrier such as poly? Or no vapor barrier? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!  -Nate
    • Check striker's page.  They have some of last years stuff onsale.
    • It's been awhile since I've had time to upload pictures. There has been a lot of progress made!  The siding is up and finished! The process was more difficult to manage with the bends and my lack of tape measure skill lol If i were to do the bends again I would make sure to order 2 sheets extra and order them at the length required to wrap the entire house. From the point on the nose all the way back to the middle of the rear wall. There ended up being vertical seams along the sides here, which in hind sight, isn't ideal.  One thing that i'm not sure I've noted is the bottom white trim. A lot of people use J- Channel on the bottom but you can order a trim called a step down. Which works awesome around the lower edges and doesn't fill up with ice and snow.  The trailer lights are all wired up and working. Seeing whats back behind these big trailers always drives me crazy so i bought the ones with reverse lights built in.  The maiden voyage was out into the parking lot and then back into the shop. It didn't fall apart so it was a success.  I took a few pictures of the bending process. It was a pretty simple setup. A big piece of angle aluminum secured between 2 - 2x4's with 2 clamps a bar and a big hammer worked really well. If you're going to do this make sure to add half of the rib height to whatever the measurement you're trying to hit is. And as i mentioned before, buy the length to wrap the house from the front point all the way to the middle of the rear wall.  We would clamp the bar down then hit it with the hammer to "break" the corrugations. Once they were broken it bent extremely easy.  We also got most of the lighting on the inside roughed in. I have 4 110 outlets and 2 USB plug ins for cell phone/misc charging. All of the lighting will run on 12V. I'm no engineer but, each of the lights in the picture draw 240mA so with them all on I'm thinking i'll get about 30 hours of run time on one battery. There will be 2 batteries for lighting and USB and a separate one for the heater so I should be ok for a weekend "off the grid". I'll have a generator as well to run the TV and other goodies which can charge the batteries as well.  I also picked up the material for the interior. Menard's is having their 11% sale until 10/21/17 and also a sale on their 5/16" Cedar tongue and groove. Between the two sales I got the price down to just under $1 per square foot. Apparently, they aren't stocking this specific Cedar anymore so I had to buy 3 different stores out of stock to get all that I needed. In the end I still didn't have enough to do the roof so i bought some Birch plywood to finish that part. I think a lighter ceiling will help the place feel a little bigger anyways. I got antsy last night and finished some of the cedar boards with Natural Finish Watco Danish Oil. It turned out to be the exact look I was going for. From what I've read i think finishing them all before installation is the way to go. Then once everything is up doing a quick coat of Danish to even everything out.  At this point i'm counting the Steps left to go instead of how many I have done! It's getting close to starting the fun part ( the interior). I'll keep everyone posted on the progress! 
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