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Snapweight thing for Pafish

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~Hello there Pafish~

Seeing your a bowhunter I will share. My younger brother moved out to Michigan and for a few years I've been going out there to fish Saginaw bay, Erie and the Detroit river. Last couple years Been doing this quite a bit on this pond, it's a mid-summer thing for 30'-38' flats. Assuming you fish with boards. All I've ever used are offshore in-line and I don't like the tattletale device, I use 14# fireline, on the end a small & strong swivel. 2 good hooks snelled on 5'-6' of 12 or 14# flouro with a #5 colorado {#6 hatchets too}. Snapweight 30' up from swivel. To the board....well most of the spots I fish are 33'-35', and I'll run between 40'& 50' back, sometimes more, sometimes less, this is very speed and "fish activity" variable, watch graph and start with different line-out settings, eventually the fish will let you know. Troll slow, just enough to spin well, the board action and the length of line behind weight cause bait to flutter a bit more slowly than other types of rigs with shorter snell length. You could go further back from weight, but here it don't seem to matter, on saginaw we usually go 50.
This is just a basic "recipe", the weights I use are 2 and a 1/4 oz.
We can get into more specifics if you point me, you can use multiple boards per side, and it can be a firedrill! That is a downside, but more often than not the board lines get more bites than either flatlines or riggers {wave action on board?}. Yes we do flatline/snapweight and run flatlines with 3-way rigs and long leaders in conjunction with boards. I fish in a few different boats, from an 17' crestliner to a 27' sportcraft so horizontal spread depends on boat, weather, # of anglers and familiarity with tackle and tech. Let me know more of how your rigged and # of crew and I'll give you my humble advice. Also I should'nt have said my cranks get dusty, if you come up here for the flats bite make sure to bring reef runner deepdivers in golds and eriedescent, these will dive to around 33'. And if you can find them those little stinger scorpion flutterspoons- any color with gold on it, but I think any color of these would work! For about 2 months of the summer these are in my opinion "THE" presentations for this pond. More another time, I'm a slow typist!

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    • 44 IN THE BOAT HERE ON HIDDEN BAY. One thing you always can count on here at Lake Iwanttobethere is that after a lousy day there will be a nice day. Warmer, party cloudy skies and it is warm where I sit at my desk here in the den. The brown dog is at my feet, his paws on my right foot keeping tabs on me. Yesterday was a rain day and normally I look forward to rain days as they give me time to catch up on indoor projects. Rain days in the dead of winter however do nothing more then create work. Ground is frozen so all we have is runoff which here in the cabin means a wet floor in the basement. Overnight the water freezes and now we quickly go through the ice melt trying to get rid of the ice so it is safe to walk on the sidewalks.   Ranger Rick is reporting that his trail system at Samantha Lake is a mess. The rain and warm weather has eaten away at his trails. The short cut across Samantha Lake is not recommend to use as their is water on the ice and getting on and off the lake is unsafe at best. No fishermen on the lake yesterday but then again it rained more then a half an inch. Big hockey game on tonight the Wild against the Black Hawks. We will see if putting the seventy inch TV in will draw a beer drinking crowd. I would love to be there but have been under the weather the past few days and will be watching from home.   I have gotten a few e-mail’s asking about Lake Iwanttobethere and it is a good time to be a little more clear about the Lake. The wife has never had her named mentioned in the eleven years I have been writing about the lake. She told me she did not want anyone to know her name so she is always refereed to as "The Wife" of my four kids only the boys names have been used as they own business in town, the daughters have never had their names mentioned except the one who paints is sometimes spoken about as at Christmas she paints store front windows. None of the eight grand kids names have been mentioned but they are often refereed to a granddaughter number two or grandson number three. The two ten year olds are spoken about often and are refereed to as "The Tenners"   Almost every one in town is based on someone I know. A few of them have passed on but I still write about them, kind of my tribute to them. I could still be writing about my old dogs Bud and Barney as they left me with a ton of stories untold but I shared my loss with you over them and have moved on. Now I leave it up to you how much the Lodge and Resort are. One of you called the Resort a bar and it is far more then that. The Lodge is a place for members to hang their hats. There are lockers in the basement for their stuff and a chair in the Main Room to sit and be left alone. Not everyone drinks, for example everyday Tom sits at the end of the bar with a cup of coffee every morning and does his crossword puzzle. I never mention him much because that is just what he does. The FELLOWS on the other hand seem to be doing something all the time that you may find interesting. The Resort is a place for the guys to get away from the Lodge if that makes any sense.   The Resort has become like our Lake Iwanttobethere old guys home. Marv, Elmer, DOC and Vic are the core and none of them are married and they are doing just fine thank you. Chuck, Hammering Hank, Skinny and I are the next wave, the in betweeners so to speak. Married but still looking for a hideaway. Where is Lake Iwanttobethere? I’ll save that for another day.
    • Season has been over for awhile but now I have a couple of Grouse who just strut in my back yard taunting me. Duncan has tried to put the fear into them but no matter how quick he is they are up in the trees before he can get halfway across the yard. He does come back with that stupid lab look on his face so I guess everyone is enjoying themselves here late in the winter. I hope to hear them drumming this spring.
    • cool!!  and thanks again for the info!!  i look forward to getting it.
    •  Used to, then he lost it to Vince and Nick Cage in a Segway race on Tropicana.
    • Your going to like it. Definitely not "the best", but still definitely worth the money. Mine came slight damaged... one of the flanges where the leg attaches to the barrel was bent slightly. It was easily fixed but I decided to contact RK about it... They said to send them pictures, and within 2 days I had a phone call offering either a full exchange or $100 credit to my card. I gladly took the credit. I fired it up around Xmas time in 15-20 degree weather. I was worried how it would do in the cold. It handled it like a champ and only took about 15 min longer to smoke an entire pork loin.
    • Unless you have a source for 14' sheets you would end up with vertical and horizontal seams. No real problem with that, that I can think of. 
    • Speaking of automation   Ok, which one of you fellas has one    
    • America has a nasty habit of declaring unwinnable wars.
    • I thought he had the 65 Chevy with primered flames  
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