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Have you ever seen a purple dog?

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It took me a few minute to figure this one out. It is the result of a bear eating blue berries and a dogs desire to roll in them after they have gone through the bear.

Dogs sure make life interesting....


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No but unfortunately I've seen a PINK one. My first husky was a Samoyed before diving into sledding with Siberians. Anyway, he was an amazing pheasant hunter. Once in SD heading back to the truck past sunset with empty guns, hussling up a trail, he was ahead of me. Something moved next to the trail, he only turned his head and got sprayed by a skunk. He knew what a skunk was so looked back at me like how could he be that stupid. He simply reacted to the movement, guessing it never crossed the trail or he'd have scented and avoided.

So, got back to town bought several cans of tomato juice and headed for the car wash before back to the girlfriend's.

Had to hunt the rest of the weekend with a 80 pound pink puff!

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Had a blue GSP. In the winter I had tossed a blue bingo dabber into the garage from the truck and forgot about it. After working in there for a while I was wondering why the dogs were so quiet so I ran upstairs only to find my 6mo old GSP nawing on a blue bingo dabber. BLUE from head to paw (so was the 2 year old carpet). I panicked and called poison control thinking the dye was harmful, I was redirected to a pet poison control and found out there was nothing harmful but slight alcohol. After finding out that she was going to be ok I really wish I had taken pictures

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    • It has been a very interesting year for nest cams.  First the MPLS bald eagles fledged three. Then the peregrines in St Paul fledged two. The ospreys in Chaska pledged their one. Currently I am watching the barn owls in Essex England as their last chick of their second brood this year is about to fledge. It has been fun watching the little ones of the various types grow up and a bit dramatic as the barn owls in England set 7eggs in their second brood, only to lose 6 of the chicks. I was not aware that barn owls often (as much as 10% of the time they say) set a second brood after successfully raising a first one. Anyway this has been the first season I watch so many nest cams over such a full part of the year.
    • "Special deals for selected companies is not "leveling the playing field". Renegotiating NAFTA and TPP will but we have to "Wait For It"    
    • Just realized that I had a brain fert on the canadian bacon I made. brined it for 10 days in pops brine recipe but I forgot to put a T of the cure in. I have already eaten about a 3 inch chunk. The rest has been in the freezer for a week. Is it a big gamble to eat it?? 
    • Yeah you should have known better lol.  Trying to have a conversation with a guy who is butthurt over a business that is getting tax subsidies because his isn't.  However if his was offered one he would be jumping at the opportunity.     #hypocritesandfrauds
    • Hey Kaepernick if you weren't so busy taking a knee and being angry you would see I already answered this question.  
    • I would put the sump on its own circuit without a GFI.  Leave the backup on a different circuit. I'd also add another or bigger battery to the back up. Since your water table is so high it might be a good idea to have an alarm on the backup. I'd bet there is some sort of app that can alert your smart phone. Breakers can become "weak".  One having been tripped from an overloaded circuit probably more to blame then age though.  Or it was bad to begin with. There are some counterfeit breakers as well so buy at a reputable suppler. Yes the pump can wear. Both the motor and the pump wear out. Having a float stick and pump run continually isn't good for the pump. What type float do you have?  If its a tethered ball type IMO they are going to fail sooner then later because they can get hung up on its own cord and pump. Of coarse the float on a rod should be checked and cleaned to be sure it can't get hung up.  
    • Have YOU asked the DNR any of those questions?     Has anyone here reported any vehicles they've seen crossing the state line with whole deer?     When we we buy our licenses there are regulation books available, and inside there is a handy section that points out NEW regulations for the year.  Should we not read at least that part?   I agree the new law would be better served if there was some heavy patrolling at the high volume state crossings, but with limited resources they sure could use some help from us.   I'm not a blind DNR defender here.  But I don't buy the conspiracy theory and won't blame them EXCLUSIVELY for all that ails our deer herd.  We do plenty of damage on our own.   Since deer and elk farms seem to be sources of CWD, why are they allowed to exist any longer?  Hint: The DNR doesn't have the authority to determine the existence of those farms.   Is there really only one scapegoat?
    • We came home from Thanksgiving to find that the circuit breaker that the sump pump is on had tripped and the basement floor was wet. We're in the process of replacing the carpet now. We have a pretty high water table and the sump pump runs a lot. I do have a battery backup pump, but once that battery dies, game over. I've been trying to figure out why the breaker tripped. The only other things that were running on that circuit while we were gone were the charger/controller for the backup pump, the water softener (very little amp draw) and the freezer. All the lights were off. There was a storm here with heavy rain and some snow while we were gone and someone suggested lightning may have been a factor, but why that would affect only that circuit escapes me. I've had the breaker trip twice since. The first time I had all the lights on and a fan running. The second time also lights on, running the drill press and shop vac. I've done that many times before with no trouble. Now I'm watching it like a hawk and we're nervous about being gone for any length of time. Questions: 1. If the float switch stuck "on", would the pump eventually overheat and trip the breaker? 2. Would the pump draw more amps as it ages? It's a high-quality cast-iron pump, probably 12-14 years old. 3. Do circuit breakers get weaker with age? I'm also considering getting an electrician in here to run a separate circuit for just the sump pump. I don't want to go through this again.  
    • Seasons On The Stream
        Alpha trout at head of feed lane. Maybe in fast broken water Subordinates all over hole but not close to alpha. Cast into top most part of fast funnel. Alpha waiting part way down the skinny feed funnel. Best to hit fast water to hide the splash. When wading, wake control a large factor here. Stay out of water if you can. Make first cast count or will get only dinks in this hole.

      Bigger trout from area wintering at bottom of slow water near the fast water. Not in fast water. Subordinates chased out of hole by bigger trout. Best to hit fast water to hide the splash. Cast into top of feed funnel and slow retrieve so presentation will get down to trout sitting on bottom just back from the end of the fast water.

      Trout extra wary on sunny no vegetation winter outing. Don't slap hole with line. Stay out of the water when attacking hole. Will be a one fish "only" hole due to water clarity and zero vegetation in hole. Any smart fish will spook when one is battled and drug through this clear non-vegetated hole.
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