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Another Force Fetch Scenario

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Here's my deal...First time really doing the "full meal deal" with the FF on my own with my Springer. Got a lot of the info off of here, watched videos, talked with people and watched them do it so I'm rather confident that I have a good idea of what's going on.

Started with hold and that progressed great and she's solid on that. Then to the actual FF with holding the dummy in front of her and applying pressure and that is great. She starts towards the dummy once I get the ear "in position". So for the last couple of weeks I've tried moving the dummy to the ground. Started with holding it low then holding it on the ground and now actually setting it on the ground. She's kind of getting it but that drive to go for it just isn't the same as when I'd hold the dummy out in front of her (beginning to pull to get the dummy even before saying "fetch").

At times she'll just get the dummy in her mouth and I'll release pressure and then she'll let it go. I'll put pressure back on and then we get into a little bit of a stand off and she'll eventually pick it back up.

Just wanted to get your opinions on anything major that I should/could be doing different. I can't help but to think that more time is needed with the same drills to bring her around. My thoughts are I stick with this until she has that nailed down. I'd then like to switch dummies up to the actual pheasant (Dokken) dummy/other dummies and ultimately some frozen birds.



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You sound like you are on track. I've always said I will ff someone else's dog, just not my own. It can become personal and monotonous for you and the are basically breaking their will to think on their own when it comes to retrieving or "holding".

Keep at it you will be very happy you did it come fall.

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A bit of advice my mentor gave about FF was this:

Whenever you get stuck or are struggling with getting through a step in the process correctly, back up 2 steps and start from there.

Don't let her lunge for and take the dummy before you pinch her ear. She's anticipating the ear pinch. Make her wait for the pinch and then she can go get it. If she lunges set her back up again.

Once she gets the buck in her mouth make her hold it for a bit and quietly praise her with a soft voice and some pets with your free hand.

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