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Steve Foss

Another water heater thread

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We've got a two-year-old electric water heater that heats just fine but kicks off after heating a load of water, meaning that if its been a couple days since the last hot water, when we want to be SURE we've got hot water for the dishwasher, laundry or showers, we have to press the reset button and wait an hour or two.

Bad thermocouple? I should add that, even with the water heater on the lowest setting, the hot water that comes out of it after it's finished heating will scald your skin.

I can't tell you how many water heaters I've carted up and down stairways over the years. It gets old in a hurry, so if there's a part I can replace, like a thermocouple, instead of having to do the whole rigamarole, that would make me a (relatively) happy man.

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One of your T-stats are bad or a T-stat isn't tight against the tank.

Your top T-stat has a high limit switch. The red reset there is what you've been hitting.

In a nutshell.

Reset/ Let it heat up but not to the point the HTS trips/Turn the T-stats to Minimum/ Check for voltage at both upper and lower elements. Which ever element has voltage would be the one that with the bad T-stat.

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Tough to tell which thermostat is bad, so just change both. They're fairly inexpensive.

Not necessarily.

If you get scalding hot water rather quickly but also run out of hot water quickly then your lower unit is likely the culprit. If it takes a while to get hot water but then you have a decent amount of hot water available then I'd suspect the upper unit.

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Thanks, guys. I'll do what Frank said to check voltage and figure out which Tstat is bad. Bob, it does take awhile for the water to heat up, and it seems like we get a whole tankful of hot water then, so it sounds like the upper one is most likely.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • So Fenton is the pick, maybe we can sell off our talent and pickup some middling speedsters/diamonds in the rough and make a vegas like run. 
    • It is not looking good from our end. I finally got Morgan out yesterday and she came to full draw on a nice tom but he busted her on the draw and scooted out of there. I got a shot off at him at 20 yards and he was walking and I didn't quite lead him enough. I clipped feathers back in high but he was fine otherwise.   I have family obligations this coming weekend and stuff going on the following weekend. There's a good chance that our turkey season is over.  If this was Ryan without the tag he would be pushing hard and still chomping at the bit to shoot something. Morgan is much less concerned with filling her tag.    Unpunched tags drive me completely crazy! But it looks like we will have some in the Engel household this year. Sorry team! Good job to you guys who managed to get it done and my apologies that we couldn't hold up our end of the bargain. Well... Ryan did, but Morgan and I couldn't do it this year. Next time!
    • The lake was low when we fished it but they only closed the dam days before ,, should be able to get under the bridge to get to Little yellow ,,, I have not heard that the crappie action was going well tho ,,, Did catch some decent pike  but no walleyes 
    • How high is the water, wondering if we can get into little yellow this memorial weekend or not.  How was fishing?    
    • Careful, man.  Any such suggestions get criticized pretty heavily.  I came here around this time last year and posted something similar, and I hadn't been on this forum for quite some time.  My question was met by one of the mods with mock & ridicule.  But he thought that was okay as long as he put a smiley face or an lol after every sentence.  Funny, funny guy.  No wonder it's a ghost town around here.  Too bad, this was a must-read destination back in the day.
    • Here are a couple pictures from our WI season. We were able to take 5 birds. Two of us had two tags and one buddy just had one tag. Really think the predators in the area have these birds learning to be silent. They do not gobble much and if they do it’s mainly morning before fly down 2 or 3 times at the most. Over that last 5 years it’s been like this the first 10 years gobbling was heard through the day but now you don’t hear that gobbling in the distance or to calls very often. Still come to calls but almost ways silent now which is fine they still come in.   Finally all done and food plots are almost finished love the spring time.
    • Congrats on the bird
    • Congrats on the bird.
    • Assume you were in a blind since you are bow hunting.  That is a long time ...  active bird or no bird.   Very Nice.
    • Way to go!  That's persistence!