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Any ideas for 50# of walla walla's

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Helped out at the local food share Saturday and they were handing out #50 bags of walla walla onions I got a bag that was left over dont know what to do with it all nobody in the neighborhood wants any and friends dont want any.

Onions are awesome specialy Walla Walla's.

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Try my favorite grill recipe- take the whole onion. Clean the outer paper layer and all the roots and stems off. Slice in to 1/4 not all the way thru but so its still soemwhat held together. Drop a few tablespoons of butter in with some chick soup base. Add a touch of salt and pepper. Wrap it in foil. Grill until the outer layers start to blacken.

Best way to eat onions. Do that with some 'eyes on the side and you'll go thru 50# fast.

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I put onion in almost everything I make so i'd use them up sooner or later. But 50 pounds could take some work.

First thing that came to mind is onion rings. I've never made them before but it would be fun to experiment with different seasonings.

Here are a few more ideas.

Brats boiled in beer and onions.

Mix some diced onions to your ground hamburger when making burger patties. I do that every time.

Potatoes and onions, fried up or grilled in a tin foil pouch.

Keep them in a cool dry place and they should last awhile.

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