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My daughters are working on their photography fair projects. Last September, I took one of them to Sioux Falls, and we learned how to take photos of waterfalls with the cottony water. They all want to do similar things this year as one of their photos.

My question is, have you ever put your tripod out in the water of a shallow stream to get a better shot of the moving water? Is there anything we really need to keep in mind, besides the obvious? We hope to head out to a local state park later today to test this out.

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I've put tripods in lots of seemingly odd places and it can really pay off.

One thing to keep in mind is if the legs extend/collapse I wouldn't want water getting inside where the sections join. You'd probably have problems. I've never put one in water that deep, but I suppose you could duct tape a plastic bag around each leg in a pinch.

Good Luck


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Sure have. Aside from the obvious potential pitfalls (and gearfalls), if the current is strong and uneven it may jar/push around the tripod in small ways. A weight (like a rock with a rope around it) hung from the center column of the tripod and suspended above the water usually does the trick if current is an issue.

To keep water from getting up inside the joints of the pod legs, just leave them extended and locked until they dry fully, which you can help along by using paper towels.

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