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Reid G

Ultimate Bass Series (Mankato) - Madison Lake - 7/18

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Stop #2 on the Ultimate Bass Series (Mankato) tour is Madison Lake on Saturday July 18th. Team tournament format.

Hours are 6:30am - 2:30pm.

Cost is $175.00 per team of 2 anglers.

Only a few spots left!

Contact Scott at 507-934-2798-home or 507-381-0905-cell for more information, single tournament signup ($175).

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16.?? took 1st and big fish was 4.55, other than that.....??? Reid, Lucky take it away..

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16.9 Zvanovecs (Swanny and Mike) spelling???

14.65 DJ and Todd Chirpich

14.35 Duh & katoguy

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Team Name Germ/Jefferson Madison Lura Tetonka Total Points

1 Dennis & Jeff 24 21 45

2 Stacy & Duh 22 23 45

3 Che & Noah 25 12 37

4 Ed & Richard 19 18 37

5 Ben & Steve 17 20 37

6 Harvey & Don 23 10 33

7 Don & Jeremy 16 15 31

8 Reid & Mark 15 16 31

9 Mike & Roger 5 25 30

10 Dan & Bruce 10 19 29

11 Curt & Shane 21 7 28

12 Tim & Scott 6 22 28

13 Jared & Rick 8 17 25

14 Gabby & Jeff 18 5 23

15 Clayton & Tim 14 9 23

16 Tony & Jay 20 2 22

17 Wade & Mark 12 8 20

18 Tim & Brian 7 11 18

19 Joe & Jay 4 14 18

20 Andy & Brady 11 6 17

21 Dave & Vic 3 13 16

22 Chris & Ethan 9 3 12

23 0

24 0

Non-Eligible Fisherman

for Tournament of Champions

DJ & Todd 0 24

Ryan & Nate 0 4

Roger & Dan 13 0

Bob & Chris 2 0

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    • Just use plain old spray paint in a can. I've done it many many times and seems to stick really nice. Nothing special either I can't even tell you the brand because I have no clue. But as mentioned doing 2-3 light coats helps.
    • no expert here, but heat doesn't rise. heat radiates in the direction of least resistance (R value). warm air or water rises because it is less dense than colder air or water.  If you don't insulate you will be heating the ground under your cabin and the earth is a very large heat sink $$$. get some info from an expert in the radiant field as far as tube diameter, spacing, water temp, manifolds, length of runs, and so on. it varies on amount of windows (solar) ceiling height and room type (bed, bath, living area,  storage etc.). once you pour over the tubing you get to live with it. I did my own Home 15 years ago and got some good advise (wish I would have taken it all)
    • Sonar works from above, cameras need to be submerged. What am I missing here?
    • I've also had good luck spray painting PVC.  Biggest thing I found is to do lots of light coats, the PVC makes the paint want to run in a hurry.
    • I believe you can do this with the Lowrance HDS 9 and above.
    • I'll go with another loss in overtime.
    • Calling a win tonight, it's going to happen!
    •   You'll probably run into plenty of "experts" among the experts, too...   Floor heat is nice, but definitely not the best option if you're looking for the best efficiency, since it is a slow recovery system.  If you were looking for efficiency and lowest cost, I would suggest looking into a mini-split heat pump to complement the gas furnace if you have off-peak available.   (Disclaimer: Not an expert either, but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express a few times.)      
    •   Same here. I have 3 of them. Use them in the SUV, Boat, Snowmobile, and Dual Sport bike. They seem to work better on my sled in the winter with no issues at all over my old ifinder which would eat batteries in the cold. They are discontinued but you can still find them out there on the List or bay once in a while. I like them as they are a crossover and can be used on the road or with a lake map which is the main thing I use them for. Wish they would bring something like it back.
    • Ridiculous... but it would work.  Sorry to offend, guess I don't get quite so fired up about concrete.
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