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Lura Lake 7/12/09

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1ST - JEFFRIES / JOENS 24.14lbs

2ND - PRICE / BOYUM 23.64lbs

3RD - MEYER / MEYER 20.14lbs

4TH - JENSEN / HODAPP 18.92lbs

5TH - GARE / SISLER 18.46lbs


7TH - HOWLAND / LOHRE 15.66lbs


9TH - BURCH / DUNN 14.10lbs

10TH - SCHMIDKE / MORGAN 13.56lbs

11TH - SIMON / HOFFMAN 12.14lbs

12TH - MISKA / BRAITH 11.82lbs


14TH - JOHNSON / SLACK 6.70lbs

15TH - SHETKA / HAUER 6.06lbs

16TH - SHEELER / SHEELER 5.52lbs






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Current Standings

1st - Meyer / Meyer 291

2nd - Jeffries / Joens 290

3rd - Goettlicher / Leesch 289

4th - Schmidke / Morgan 288

5th - Howland / Lohre 286

6th - Pittman / Bohlen 285

7th - Shetka / Hauer 281

8th - Burch / Dunn 280

9th - Simon / Hoffman 279

10th - Jensen / Hodapp 277


11th - Johnson / Slack 276

12th - Sheeler / Sheeler 274

13th - Miska / Braith 266

14th - Mitchell / Radermacher 265

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  • Posts

    • can someone answer my this/ bow fishing isnt open yet is it??????????? i believe it maybe from or on rivers but not lakes???????   i could of swore i seen a rig out potentially bowfishing last nite. this boat was lit up like no tomorrow along the shoreline of an open water lake.........well techniqially a bake water of a river!!!!!!
    • You almost need to put a guy in his face and play the rest of the PK 4 on 3.
    • About time!!! Stalock on his way up...hope they play him soon.
    •   Tiger meat on a cracker is delicious.    Yes, "may". I don't have a link to his page and I haven't been to it in years so I have no idea.I'll admit that I'm more than likely wrong and just jaded from years of working in internet marketing but I'm not gullible enough to take the word of random internet peeps. Do you have a link to his page so I can verify?
    • Also check out "straw bale gardening".  
    •   My folks liked them.  The Hubbards are large and the flesh is quite thick.   Plants in late april is jumping the gun.  Liable to freeze, even with global warming.   reasonable chance of frost there until middle of may.  You want the dirt to be warm, so think of them like tomatoes or cucumbers.   seeds rot in cold soil.    frost kills plants
    • Speaking of desperate snowflakes...... check this out.   Can't wait for the hearings on Cspan.... Legogate.   Or maybe batgate....   (no I have no idea of the credibility of "heatstreet" so read at your own risk) (owned by dow jones, so part of the mainstream media at least sort of)  
    •   I doubt it.  Its hard to go back and even if you did most of the damage has already been done.  Besides it would be admitting failure, not many people like to do that and I've seen no evidence that ownership believes it did fail  Perhaps to them it didn't, with 2 sites they might be taking in more money now due to more ad spots to sell.  Although the question is longevity, do ad dollars start to suffer as users leave and content dwindles?  For awhile its not hard to pump up the stats and make the site look good to advertisers with number of visits and page views, etc.  However, if an advertiser looked at the site for themselves its easy to see all the sub forums that haven't had a new post in months or that most of the views and clicks are coming from threads with Trump in the title.   Forums as a whole are also LONG past their prime and are quickly fading out.  Facebook groups and other social media are taking over.  Why log into many different forums when you can simply log in to facebook and have everything right there along with all of your real world connections?  Advertisers are likely to be focusing more of their ad dollars on the platform as time goes by.

    • The pipeline being built is a good thing. Gutting regulation for the sake of gutting regulation is stupid - and that seems to be his tactic. Some regulations are necessary. The "illegal flow" had been declining for years; attributing the continuation of that arc to Trump isn't really sensible. 
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