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Cabela's brand 15lb test leadcore line

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Has anybody used the 15 lb test Cabela's branded leadcore? It's all they had and I was told it would run the same at the store. I just spooled up a couple sealine 27lca reels and got 10 colors with a little backer and still plenty of room for a leader. Kinda blown away it all fit. I was running 5 colors of 18lb Woodstock brand with 40yds more backer and the reels were noticeably fuller.

Does this stuff really get down to similar depths?? The packaging suggest that it should run the same, I know the bigger test have the same lead, but what about the smaller tests?? I really like the feel of the cabela's leadcore, much easier to work with than the Woodstock brand I was using.

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I'd always heard the lead core was the same, and that the strength rating came from the dacron coating.

But ..... it sure seems odd that you can get 10 colors plus backer and leader on a 27 LC. I don't recall the brand of 18 lb leadcore I have but 7 colors plus a backer and leader is all I can get on a 27 LC and I have to cram in it there to get just 7 colors.

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I got out and trolled around with the 15lb leadcore today. It does have a thinner core of lead, making the line quite a bit thinner than the 18lb line. Overall I was impressed, I was getting down comparable to setups with 18lb line at 2mph. 6 colors was banging bottom in 30', only requiring a bit more line compared to the 18lb line towing the same bait, maybe 10' at most?!

You can drop the stuff way faster than the larger cored lines and it transmits the baits action better. I fit 9 colors on a pair of 5600 C4s.! Now all I need is to catch a fish with it.. smirk

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