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David Frank

Flin Flon Manitoba Area Fishing

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My dad and I will be heading up to the Flin Flon, Manitoba area to bear hunt over Labor Day week (the second week in September). If we fill our bear tags early, we will have the option to do some fishing for the remainder of the week. I am not familiar with this area at all and have a few general questions.

Does anybody have any experience in this area? We will be targeting primarily walleye, and would not be afraid to travel to find fish as long as we could make it to and from the lodge within a day and still have a reasonable amount of time to fish. What lakes should we look into fishing? Also, is there typically a good walleye bite during that time of year? I should add that we will have access to a small boat from our hunting outfitter.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

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Sounds like you have a fun trip planned. My Dad and some of his buddies hunted Moose up there many, many, many years ago. Google angellshuntandfish that is the fellow they used, he still keeps in touch with Gerry to this day. Should give you a good contact if you need one.


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Reed lake is a very popular lake with BIG walleyes not too far from Flin Flon. Ive fished a bunch of times - big lake.... but if the weathers nice it easy to get around. As with all canadian lakes beware of rocks ... maybe follow a boat out or whatever - not the best maps for most lakes, and rocks all over!

If you want you could e-mail dirtkingofmn at yahoo for more info.

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