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Blaine Blazin 4th Fireworks...

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Here are some shots I nabbed tonight at the Blaine National Sport Center. I used some of Dan's tips and some of my own. I ran with the set focus at infinity, back it off just a bit, and turn the autofocus switch off. Most of these were either f11 or f9, ISO 100, and 5-10 seconds shutter speed mounted on a tripod. Canon 1DmkII and a 70-200 f4L.

I did have some trees that have grown quite a bit over the last couple years at the edge of the lot I was sitting at. I used some of them to get some of the environment as Steve suggested as well.









Finally, one that Hunter shot. Being three years old and having a ton of energy, he didn't want to listen when I told him to hit the shutter button and stand back. He must have kicked or bumped the tripod 5 or 6 times during this shot. But it is one of his first fireworks shots. When I was going through this morning, I forgot to change it to his name, but I will get that done soon.


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Those are great Tom. I especially like Hunter's! I like the squiggly lines.

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Nice is a lot of fun to try to plan which shots are going to look good and get the timing down.

I had the blurry problem too, but I thought it was my tripod moving or something. Turns out it was the valley fair sign swaying in the breeze enough to be blurry on some pics.

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I didn't go to the fireworks last night. I heard the booming, and now I get to watch them vicariously. Nice job. Love the 'palm trees' and Hunter's squiggles.

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