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water bike for bassin maybe??

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heres an itbike...looks like it could be a cool alternative vs kayak or float tube etc...possibly do some tweakin & rework the seat design to make one that locks & swivels...

what do y'all think??




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I have a hydro bike that is a lot like this and I'm not gonna lie, I love it!

I find myself using it more than my actual boat I have on the lake I live on because it's so much easier (easier on and off lift, easy maneuverability) and reliable (no motor trouble!) and of course quieter!

Have caught many a big fish including 10-15 lb carp and never had a problem with it!

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So.. it's a glorified paddleboat for grownups?


I love fishing out of paddleboats, I'm sure I'd love fishing out of that thing. However I don't think either trump canoe fishing, at least for my personal preference.

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the part i like with either, the Itbike or even the that you sit up higher for casting etc...and i see some room for "home improvement" with the Itbike to customize it more for fishin...

had to make an edit to the price of the Itbike...i emailed for a quote...and this is what was sent from them directly...

"The price of the single fibre glass itBike is $1,299.00 plus $150.00 delivery to your door,

4-7 days"

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