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Ski Pylon for Lund Boat

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I have a Lund Explore 1700 SS and I would like to add a ski pylon to the back of the boat to pull my kids on the kneeboard. I searched and read a lot of mention of the one from Ease.

Have any of you mounted a ski pylon on your boat?

Where did you mount it?

Did you re-enforce it when you did mount it?

Could you post a picture to help me get pointed in the right direction?


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I have a 2000 lund 1700 fisherman and made my own ski pole it is 6 feet tall and made from 2 in alum pipe on the bottom there is a coupler with a plug in it that i drilled a hole in and welded a 3/4 in bolt in it the bolt goes in the center seat mount with a tapper adapter and a home made wing nut to hold it in place. than i made two brace poles from the transom up about half way up the pipe fastened with a 1/2 in bolt the brace poles have hime ends on both ends that go in u brackets that i bolted to the transom the pipe is 1/4in wall and the suport braces are1 in pipe 1/4in wall hope this helps i use ours for wakeboarding and tubing

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My 1700 Lund Fisherman came with one. Check out the dealers. It screws in back by the back seat, then the support arms attach at both sides in the back corners.

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