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Snap on boat cover N Twin Cities

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Hey Guys,

I have a Lund 1800 Fisherman that I'd like to get a snap down cover for trailering. The cover that I received with the boat is a tie down. Well constructed for the most part the design doesn't work on the road. You've all seen the big balloon rolling down the highway. That's me no matter how tight I tie it down. All the flapping will tear the cover apart no matter what I do.

I'd like to get something more aerodynamic. I live in the area of 35E and 694 so if you have any recommendations in this area it would be great.

Thanks for your help.

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Just got my 16ft done by north country canvas. Two day turnaround. He did an awesome job and it cost $500.

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I also highly recommend North Country Canvas. Great service. Great product. Extremely custum fit around Terrova on bow, and Vantage in back. Shortly after, he was able to easily modify it slightly for a T8 addition. All that and it still snaps on with the WhiteCaps on.

I'm going on summer number 3 on current one, looks like new. My fathers is going on year 6, and looks great also. Not one issue with canvas, snaps or seems.

I sold my previous boat that had a North County snap on because of it, according to the buyer. He said he was so impressed with how the pix looked, and how good it looked in person, as well as how well the boat looked inside.

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