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Long Overdue PE - Amity Creek Trail and 7 Bridges Road

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It's been a while since I’ve been able to take the time for a PE so here is one from a recent walk around the house. If you are familiar with the Duluth, MN area, the photo’s are all taken near/on the Amity Creek Trail and 7 Bridges Road. The dogs were with me but for once I made it a point not to focus on them as my subjects – that doesn’t happen very often for me!

This shot is off the side of the narrow hiking trail that leads me to the main trail – a local access trail that has seen a sharp drop in traffic this year. I liked the way the light was coming through the trees in the distance, however the scene doesn’t transfer to a small photograph as well as I’d hoped.


The next opportunity came near one of the bridges that gives the road its namesake. The bridges have been refurbished over the last few years – the work was sorely needed.


This is the view down the other way.


A little further down is a set of falls that run into a nice trout stream. My dogs love to swim in the hole at the bottom almost year round. I am trying to gather pictures of these falls from each season to put together in one image.


In case you were wondering what the view was like on the other side of that bridge from up top, here it is!


A little further up the stream (it's a stream now, but a raging river in the early spring!), there is a log that I’ve always found intriguing but the water has always been too high to photograph it properly.



Not too much further and we leave 7 Bridges Road behind and pick up the Amity Creek trail. This is one of the first scenes you see as you enter.


The next shot isn't too much further down the trail – the image is heavily processed but I liked the results.


Near the end of my walk, I happened to catch a glimpse of these guys. They allowed me to follow them along the creek for quite some time, my camera clicking away. I only ended up with a handful of useable images since I only had a 70mm lens and the images needed to be heavily cropped.


The last image is not from this walk, but on a Sunday afternoon a couple weeks ago. He lumbered through my back yard despite my uncle and I enjoying a beer on the deck and our total of 4 dogs sounding off at the intruder…he was bold!


Hope you enjoyed the pics – as always, C&C is welcome and appreciated.

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Thanks for sharing! I only wish if I could walk around my own house and see sights like those!

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Nice group of shots, and welcome. I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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I love that trail, and your second photo. And I love the log. I have one that I always have to take a picture of, but can never quite get the right mood in the photo.

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Nice shots! is this by the zoo?

Thanks for the compliments every one!

No, these shots are from the other end of town. They are closer to the Hawks Ridge area. Ill have to get down near the zoo if the area could be mistaken for this one. Ill put it on my list!

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Nice series Outlaw, the images due an excellent job of leaving the viewer with a sense of what a walk through that area would be like on a sunny day. I really enjoy the log images, that is some narly texture. You should check out the hiking trails behind the zoo, they are every bit as good as the areas around seven bridges. The superior hiking trail also runs through that area and beyond.

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