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Full Throttle Mille Lacs Results

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Hello Folks,

Here are results from the Mille Lacs tournament for Full Throttle. We had 63 teams.

Mille Lacs Division

June 27th, 2009

Boat # Team # Fish Total Wt. Points

1. 38 Dave Walters and Michael Walters 5 8.8 200

2. 47 Bill Herrick and Tom Herrick 5 8.61 195

3. 32 Ric Anderson and Scott Peterson 5 8.06 194

4. 39 Mark Bruley and Cole Bruley 5 7.8 193

5. 46 Tim Cain and Chris Meyer 5 7.69 192

6. 62 Mike Meyer and Mark Clausen 5 7.64 191

7. 54 Chris Carlson and Andrew Carlson 5 7.3 190

8. 50 Kirk DeCamp and Paul Schneider 5 7.22 189

9. 59 Nick Schuett and Pat Schuett 4 6.82 188

10. 44 Al Standly and Brent Nelson 5 6.47 187

11. 56A Terry Ajax and Kelly Seiter 5 6.36 186

12. 37 Joe Olson and Bob Hopkins 5 6.15 185

13. 57 Scott Schlemmer and Sean Thoreson 5 6.08 184

14. 60 Charlie Ches**** and Jeremy Westerveld 4 5.72 183

15. 12 Brandon Brackey and Aaron Vanmoer 4 5.65 182

16. 8 Joe Carlson and Matt Thompson 1 5.56 181 - BIG FISH

17. 51 Jim Kiel and Pam Ruis 4 5.35 180

18. 43 James Dougherty and John Wersal 5 5.33 179

19. 55A Tim Ajax and Gary Seiter 3 5.3 178

20. 4 Bill Kutka and Dan Rykes 4 4.39 177

21. 36 Dan Pfeifer and Rod Pfeifer 3 3.97 176

22. 64 Joe Lorenz and Chad Palmer 3 3.59 175

23. 31 Tom Davis and Leon Peterson 2 2.93 174

24. 53 Jared Nelson and Amy Nelson 2 2.67 173

25 Thomas Cummings and Jesse Ellingson 2 2.64 172

26. 34 Mark Feriancek and Derek Feriancek 1 1.77 171

27. 56B Chris Hanson and Jamie Dietman 1 1.47 170

28. 8B Glenn Gustafson and Beau Thunshelle 1 1.31 169

29. 21 Jesse Messner and Jeff Wozniak 0 0 168

30. 26 Mike Grussing and Will Harvey 0 0 168

31. 27 Mark Schuette and Brennan Schuette 0 0 168

32. 29 Matt Morken and Erick Walters 0 0 168

33. 42 Matt Morken and Eric Walters 0 0 168

34. 55B Gene Falconer and Brian Gruba 0 0 168

35. 9 James Hodgin JR. and James Hodgin Sr. 0 0 168

Mille Lacs Division

June 27th, 2009

48 Erik Parsons and Josh Kalk 0 0 168

58 Wally Loma and Jacquie Luoma 0 0 168

BIG FISH Joe Carlson and Matt Thompson 5.51 28" Walleye

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