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MN Shutterbug

From Steve's Country aka God's Country.

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Wow. I disappear for 3 days and this forum comes alive. I don't have the time to comment on everyone's photos but there is such a nice assortment of flora and fauna. Well done, everyone.

Thanks to Steve, I ran into a gold mine of Showy Lady Slippers. I could not find a yellow one and the pinks were about done. One resort owner thought he could find me a few, but found just one shriveled up one. Another resort, where they had seen a bunch just a few days ago, yielded just one. The rest were done for. Timing is everything. I just feel very fortunate to find the showies. The light was definitely on my side, also. The light was pretty much behind me and it wasn't full strength. It was basically perfect.

When I travel to the Ely area, I never really expect to see much for wildlife, although I'm always hopeful. The forests are just incredibly dense. I just enjoy driving around and absorbing the breathtaking scenery. It really is God's Country.

Due to my side trip to Fargo, I logged 1235 miles in 3 days. It was well worth the trip.

This set of shots are all from my 30D and 100-400mm lens. I do have a few from my XT and 18-55mm that I'll get to later.



I can't remember what I was told these little flowers are.



I even find lily pads kind of pretty.


Bumble Bee on wild roses - captured on the way home.


My only critter shot.


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Nice assortment, Mike! Looks like a worthwhile trip.

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When I first saw your topic header I thought you were calling Steve aka God. Thought he must really have been a big help. O-h-h-h-h-h, the country is God's. I get it. I like the second lady slipper best. What is the yellow flower? Is it bird's foot deer-vetch? Is it invasive there in Steve's aka God's country.

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Nice work here Mike. Looks like a fun trip!

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Thanks, all.

Birdsong, I believe you are correct re: the yellow flowers. They are also called Birdsfoot Trefoil.

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