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DCG questions

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I've never thrown a DCG or similar inline spinning musky lure before, but just wanted some verification on design/function/action of the lure as I'm pondering making some custom spinner/bucktails of my own.

My general understanding is that this lure is just an oversized inline spinner, with two blades rotating in the same direction, complete with some kind of skirt(flashabou seems popular), and two treble hooks. If there's something I'm missing please correct me.

Why two blades? Is the action produced by two blades significantly different somehow than just one? Does anyone here fish a similarly designed lure but with one blade?

How important is a stinger treble hook? Do you get a lot of fish short-biting this lure?

With TWO, GIANT spinning blades, do you get tons of line twist? I know that even a swivel ahead of an inline spinner won't completely reduce 100% of the line twist, so how do you handle this issue?

I have noticed that one of the two blades on DCGs and DCG copycats often has a circular reflective sticker on it. Is this just to attract fishermen, or fish?

thats it for now but i'll probably think of some more soon.

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Two big blades means more vibration, flash, plus it gets that flashibou skirt pulsing real nice.

It comes with two large trebles no need to add any stinger hooks.

Line twist has not been an issue at all for me and shouldnt be for most considering most use baitcasters and learders(swivels).

The stickers are more of a company label than an attractor I would beleive.

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