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How can anyone "LITTER"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It never ceases to amaze me...I'm referring to the mindless act of "LITTERING"! mad

I was out at one of my favorite photography haunts recently and as usual I found a number of interesting subjects.

I was subjected to a beautiful sunrise in which Lake Winnipeg was shroud in a thick layer of fog.


After shooting a series on the sunrise I happened upon this newly hatched Killdeer, what a little beauty!


Then the ugly side of nautre photography raised it head soon after I began walking along the beach! How can anyone with a conscience leave their used items behind, especially this kind of material!!!! mad


It's bad eneough leaving it behind for others to clean up, but smashing the bottles on the sand! Great place for someone to be walking along bare feet!



Here's another reason I can't tollerate those thoughtless idiots who "LITTER"! Checkout the mono fishing line hanging off the pelicans left foot! It's just a matter of time before this poor bird becomes entangled in some brush thanks to the moron who simply tossed the line on ther ground! mad


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great images! that killdeer is awesome!!! the litter is a subject that really gets me fired up!! I have cleaned up after more pigs that you can imagine! I cleaned up the public beach here one day of broken glass,, oh yea, some just don't give a care!! <-- I had to edit,, lol

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All your comments are appreciated. As expected, the general response to "litter" is pretty much shared by all of us who spend a great deal of of time in the outdoors. Unfortunately people who litter have never been taught any different. When they were growing up no one ever told them not litter or to clean up after themselves.

When I was jsut a young lad it was my father who taught me not to litter. I remember the first time the "littering" subject came up as though it was yesterday, believe me it wasn't yesterday! My father and I were out one day to partiscipate in a little target shooting with my new rifle I just received as a birthday present. To this day I can still hear my fathers voice telling me that "never" point a gun at anyone and always consider the gun to be loaded. He went on to say that there's no such thing as an unloaded firearm. The site were were at for my very first target shooting session was an abandoned gravel pit, it was great place to safely practice shooting some paper targets my father brought along. During the practice sesion I had spotted a pepsie bottle that someone had pitched down one of the slopes of the gravel pit. I took aim and fired off a round smashing the bottle upon impact! Whata great shot I made right! Wrong my father never thought it was much of an accomplishment and he let me know by making pick up every visible piece of that broken bottle. He went on to explain that by breaking the bottle and leaving the mess behind, that someday some unsuspecting person is going to step on that glass and be seriously harmed. It all made sense to and to this day I have to give my father all the credit for teaching me why we shouldn't "litter" Thanks dad! smile

Littering is something that should be a mandatory topic in our public shool systems. In other words teach kids while they're young that littering is not cool! That's my rant for the week! wink

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Stu - these are wonderful shots. As far as littering, I just don't get it. I was taught from a very young age to ALWAYS put garbage where it belongs. We also camped quite a bit and the rule was "make sure the campsite is cleaner than when you got here" and that still holds true today. I can't believe the [PoorWordUsage] and litter that people leave behind in a campsite. This is a valuable lesson I have passed on to not only my son, but my grandchildren as well.

I agree - littering should be taught in schools, but it should come from the parents as well.

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There's a simple answer to that question: they're lazy

the sad thing is it goes so much farther then just being lazy and or uneducated to the negative effects or littering as is depicted quite well by these pics both by the busted bottles which of course some one had to take the time and effort to bust them up .....then even better depicted bu the 3rd shot in were not only did they leave the bottles there ......but they took the time and effort to fill one of them up with sand (presumably while drinking the other to pass time i would guess) so unfortunately it does go so much farther then just laziness and being uneducated about it it has alot to do with the fact that alot of ppl just don't care one way or the other which is truly sad

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