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Wiper motor

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92 Chevy 1500- put a new wiper motor in last night. The wipers will sweep the normal length, but now instead of parking at the bottom of the windshield it will pause there for a second and then pop up about 1/3 of the way and that is where it will rest when in the off position. I tried to make every sort of minor adjustment but that would only make them park farther up the windshield. I've tried to manually just force them back down but that don't work either. Think its just a fluke of the motor or did I mess something up on the install?

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Ha! Not laughing at you, but at myself smile I did similar thing when I put new motor in my 98 k1500 about a year ago. Folks here helped me, I think airjer and maybe shack and others.

I did not have the starting point correct. Nothing I did would fix it, tried to "reset" the motor memory by taking off the batt cabel, hitting gas pedal to reset codes, disconnecting the wiper motor while it was running, turngin off engine at the timie the wipers were "perfect", you name it, I tried all that stuff before getting the right info here smile

I think you just have to take motor back out when it is at the "rest" position. then align wipers correctly, put motor back in. Also, I was trying to do this from a small hole where the motor gear comes out the firewall... I did not know that it was waaaaaay easier to just remove the plastic "screen" or guard just in front of the windshield. Sooopid me smile That made life easier, but then I crimped a washer fluid hose first time I put it back on, then routed it incorrectly second time, but third time was a charm smile

This half hour job took me all afternoon smile two days in a row, ha! So that is why I am laughing at myself! Good luck!

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Yup, you'll have to pull the motor, Make sure it is in its park position and reinstall with the wiper arms in the correct position.

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It is possible that the motor was not in the correct position to be installed. Plug the motor in have somebody turn on the wipers and then turn them off. Wait until the motor stops the motor is now in the park position. Reinstall the motor making sure not to rotate the shaft and making sure the wiper arms are in the correct position. The place where the wipers stop when the switch is off is referred to as the park position.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • I shoot 2 steel all season long in an improved cyclinder choke . Satisfied with that. Have a buddy who shoots Black Cloud 3's with impressive results.
    • I stopped at Lowes yesterday and got restocked at 9.88 per 18.6 lb double pack. No limit indicated.  
    • I will have to find some more, cause we ate all of them! They were all connected on the bottom as they are supposed to be. I haven't seen a half-free or a Verpa yet this year and I have only seen a couple of Devil's urn's. The popple fuzz was covering everything this morning so they were a little difficult for me to see. Hopefully we get a shot of water with the lightning over night.
    • Good job!  I have never found any Blacks so they look a little different.  Can you take a picture of what they look like cut in half? They look a little scary like False Morel's 
    • I picked for about 2 hours this morning. I'm not exactly haw many I got but its enough for a couple meals. I'm going to chop some of these up and mix with some cream cheese, feta cheese and garlic chives and then stuff some chicken breasts and cook them on the grill. The little bit of rain that we got last week helped the shrooms pop but it really didn't do much else for the woods besides help the mosquito's hatch. There were so many they licked the bug spray off first then swarmed. I found the mushrooms all over, North, South, East and West facing hills. Normally spot 1 has the best results but this trip it was my second spot. All of them had pretty good size too. Only a few that were in direct sunlight were dried up otherwise they are very firm. Spot 1 is the left container. Don't worry, I use a mesh bag while I'm out in the woods!
    • Yup.... 6 & 4 for Lead.... 4 & 2 for steel
    • I ended up framing my house, putting on the T&G , and then spray foaming back against the interior, which may be why I am not seeing any movement... I also used pine vs cedar
    • I agree with the guy who agreed with the other guy.
    • Just wait till they come up with the remote submarine drone with 3d high resolution camera that can see through algae and milfoil and transmit to your eyewear in 3d.   I struggle with properly tying a berkley knot......
    • I agree with rundrave. #4 early and #2 shot later in year