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"Taste of the Wild" dogfood

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We have a one year old golden and have always fed it Purina Pro Plan. The place where we have purchased the Pro Plan will stop offering it, and they have tried to convince us to switch to "Taste of the Wild" dog food, made in Meta, Missouri. I have never heard of this dog food. Anyone know anything about it?

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If you check out the ingredient list it looks like a mighty fine dog food. I'm just finishing my second bag of the bison/venison blend. The first 4 ingredients are meat and I don't think there's any corn or wheat in it. I believe it's made by Diamond.

I switched from NutriSource to TotW when Kody was a year old. I had no problems with NutriSource but the ingredient list of TotW was too good not to try it. On the plus side, his coat seemed to get marginally smoother (but perhaps that was due at least in part to his first full shed?) and he loves it, but unfortunately it gave him some nasty gas and some very soft stools that are not pleasant to pick up. He also looked like he was not comfortable when he was outside doing his thing.

I'm now going back to NutriSource Adult formula, mixing it 50/50 with TotW until I get rid of it.

I think it's great food if your dog digests it well, but it just didn't work out for us.

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My dog Hunter, was shedding, itching and had terrible gas with any type of lamb and rice, or chicken and rice food.

I tried the Taste of the Wild bison/venison blend, his itching and shedding was reduced and his coat is beautiful, but his gas and stool was not as good as before.

I switched to the Taste of the Wild Salmon and WhiteFish recipe and have had outstanding results. No more room clearing gas and his coat is shiny and does not itch or shed much anymore.

I have been very happy with it.

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