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Insulating Garage Attic

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I just finished all the sheetrock on my ceiling. Now I want to put R49 in my attic. I was thinking of cellulose. How hard is it? I put in all the soffit baffles before sheetrocking. I can do the whole thing for under $300 or pay to have it done for more.

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It really easy to do your self Just have someone load the hopper for you without plugging it up. Take a tape measure with you and start in the back corner and work your wat to the access hole. Buld up around your access hole the height of the insulation first. Do it when its not super hot out. It can get to be a cooker up there. I wouldn't hire it out unless your not confident to do your self. Good luck.

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Blowing it yourself is so easy a one handed blind monkey could do it.

Usually the big box stores give you the blower rental for free if you buy so many bags of insulation. I believe its 20 bags or so. Even if you don't need that many just buy the minimum number to get the free rental and return the unused stuff later on after you've gotten the free rental.

Like said above just start in the far back corner and work your way to the access hole.

There are a few tricks that can make it easier.

Like marking the needed height of the isulation in several points in the attic before you start blowing. Then you can just blow the insulation until in reaches your marks. Its saves you from having the keep track of the tape measure. If you drop the tape measure while blowing it can be hard to find in that pile of fluff.

Also do it on a cool day. When I did my attic I thought I was going to pass out it was so hot (mid 80's outside, about a million degrees inside). I told my friend if he doesn't hear from me in 10 minutes come up and find me.

Other then that the hardest part is loading and unloading the blower from your truck. Its a heavy little bugger.

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Wear masks too. It gets real "dusty" with all that stuff, even the guy atr the hopper. I am not usually a real "safety at all costs" guy, but when we did my brothers I was glad we both had masks.

I like the advice about marking the trusses ahead of time with sharpie, then don't need tape later.

Really easy...

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i've blown a ton of insulations ranging from adding to my house attic, to 80x300 hog barns. Do like said above, figure out your height and mark it on the webs of the rafters with a black sharpie. dont waste money on the insulation rulers. it takes more time installing them than marking with a sharpie. R-49 seems like alot for a garage!

wear a dust mask, and i always put on a long sleeve t-shirt otherwise when you sweat it sticks to your arms. Goggles are good too, i have contacts and the dust gets in your eyes and messes up your vision.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Your point is very valid on the lack of habitat in much of southern MN as it is in much of the old zone 4 area. Each area of the state has a different "hole in the bucket". While that area lacks habitat, many other areas, including mine, have plenty of habitat, but lack high quality food to get the herd thru hard winters.
    • Leech,  I think many areas in WI have herds that have declined just as much as MN. I hunt SE of Turtle Lake, and used to see 25+ deer on opening morning before 9am on a regular basis. Now I feel good if I see a few critters the whole weekend. The many years of "T" seasons, "Herd control, and liberal antlerless tags have  dropped numbers in that area to a fraction of what they once were. It is what it is. I don't think they are doing better than MN is, but they started with a lot larger herd.  Their wolf issues will continue in the north, and CWD in the south. I don't envy their situation either.   FYI,  My land sits on the south end of the wolf range in NE Wadena county, MN. They generally do not bother my area except in the spring during calving season, although I have two of the buggers wandering around last November during rifle hunting. I usually have way more issues with coyotes and bears taking my fawns than wolves. 
    • I like sustainability as well. We party hunting and while that is a dirty word to many of the solitary hunters it's what we do. We never deplete the deer in our area and it's rare for us to fill even half our tags. Nobody gets more tags than one in our area.  I did actually make a solid proposal- habitat. But nobody took a moment to even touch that one.   I'm not sure if you are familiar with the southern part of the state but here is very little habitat outside of the southeast region. You just can't maintain the numbers to hold the numbers of deer that you need to get to where everyone who wants to harvest a deer can do so.   There was one specific post calling for an end to party hunting.   Habitat, habitat, habitat.   We should be focusing on improving habitat, bringing youth into the lifestyle and providing a positive public image to ensure future generations can enjoy hunting as well.    
    • Big Dave2, Just throwing the no party hunting out there as one possible solution. I certainly do not advocate getting rid of it. There are several other things being thrown around out there that I don't agree with as well.
    •   I would bet some cash there is a ton of lady bugs that wintered in there!
    • Well i wasn't sure if its the glue in the plywood or what. Have they been known to do tge same to a cedar or redwood built house?
    •   Op, ran off to the Sportsman show with my son before posting the map that went with my post.    Satchmo, I didn't think you were saying that Wisconsin was doing anything better.  It's just a lot of folks hold them up as a better state for Deer when there are a lot of factors our DNR has to deal with that they don't.   Good thread. Lot's of close personal feelings being shared.
    •   Improvements for you are not necessarily improvements for everyone.     Who advised you to do that? I didn't hear anyone give out that advice.     No one called you a name at all. Seems like you are being a little dramatic today especially since it is the "meat hunter" label that is really disparaging these days.     So you want changes only where it will benefit your way of hunting?
    •   Ummmmmm, I think you should read your posts and Wanderer's posts again.....      
    • Been a busy morning. Kettle if soup, venny neck roast for deer camp 2018, and Chinese chicken for supper tomorrow. Sure hope the photography passes leech approval.