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1995 Chev with 6.5 turbo diesel, starts but then stalls

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My GF's son is dead set on buying this truck and I'm trying to discourage him.

The thing has 276K miles on it, and he thinks he can get it for 2 grand. I've seen worse, but to me it seems like one of those vehicles that's been rode hard and put up wet for its entire life.

The big concern I have is that the truck seems to fire up fine, but then stalls out (dies) when he puts it in gear (auto tranny) to drive away. Does this cycle two or three times, then he has to gradually/lightly rev it up a bit while it blows out a fair bit of bluish-gray smoke, then usually, he can put it in gear and take off with it.

I'm just afraid he's got a big injection pump/injectors bill coming in the very near future if he buys this thing.

Any ideas what may be causing something like this?

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might be a turbo that is hanging up too. I would not ever ever buy a 6.5 gm diesel. There were a big block gas motor modified to diesel. I have had several in our fire dept fleet and what a night mare. The pump starts to leak, it fills the valley and runs out the back of the engine. also if you have to have work done on it, it is not as general mechanic as one would think. We use to have to take them to the dealer for to read the codes as our scanners would not work on them. Also a lot of miles on a truck that was wore out when it drove off the dealers floor. If i were to buy an old truck with diesel would be a dodge with cummins then a ford with the navistar. Good luck.

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Unfortunately, I think he'll need all the luck he can get.

You know how it goes, he's wanted a truck forever, and I'm afraid he's going to buy it no matter what anyone says, even if he had to tow the darn thing home.

His money, I guess, just hate to see him throwing it into what seems like it could be a black hole because he'll be asking his mom to bail him out (again) when the thing doesn't run.

Please keep those thoughts coming on what could be the problem(s)!!

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The problem is called PMD which is an electronic module that controls injector pump. They usually get hot due to their position (in the middle of the V on top of engine) and go out without any notice. I had one going out on a trip, I had to keep pouring cans of pop on it to cool off, start the truck and keep going for a while.

There is a kit to relocate it on front fender, away from engine heat, but you will also need a new PMD module, total cost will be around $ 300/$400

Do a search on HSO-Classifieds Motors for PMD, you might find a good deal.

GM 6.5 diesels were Detroit motors. Duramax are Isuzu.

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If he insists on buying it take him out and shoot him before he gets a chance. Having spent many years in a Chevrolet service department I can think of few engines that were more troublesome and expensive to fix.

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