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Chetac and Birch Lake info?

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Headed up there this weekend for a week of R&R and some fishing with the family (takin the little guy, 4 1/2 months old, out for his first boat ride and fishing trip). Been there many times over the past few years. Hows the bite lookin for pannies and eyes? I would like to fish Birch a little more this year, where should i start to look for some eyes out there. I have narrowed them down on Chetac pretty well. Should I be looking for similar structure? Hows the size range on Birch Vs. Chetac? Any help is much appreciated.

Good luck catchin,


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Hey Paul,

We have a cabin on Birch. It is very deep and clear, so the eye bite is best in the am or evening. Troll shad raps at night in 8 - 15 ft. of water, and use slip bobbers with leeches too. The gills are in shallow water now. Hope you have a great weekend!!

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Thanks i'll have to give it a shot. Headed up there shortly. Let you know what i find! Don't need your secret spot but any particular areas to concentrate on? Got a lake map but it doesnt say much about fishing on Birch.

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